Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Random Update

Bean and I spent a good portion of the weekend arguing.  I'm angry and depressed because I'm broken and he just doesn't get it.  I told him I was pissed because it's so frustrating trying to get an appointment at the new GYN, among other things.  So he offered to call Monday morning.  Of course by Monday I forgot all about it.  But he did get me an appointment for early next week.

Along with being an GYN mess, I'm also made myself a regular at the ENT (Ear, Nose, & Throat or Otolaryngologists).  I've managed to collect problems in all three of those categories.
Ears - Both conductive & sensorineural hearing loss.  Not sure the cause but I had ear infection after infection as a child. Also have ETD (Eustachian Tube Dysfunction) & a family history of hearing loss.  Both grandparents were deaf.
Nose - Oh snotty nose!  Bring the allergies on.
Throat - Tonsillitis & I share a long past.  After my tonsils swelled almost completely closed several times in college, they were removed when I was 21.  No problems since. 
I had allergy testing a couple weeks ago.   After going for the results last week I learned I'll allergic to everything they tested me for.  Including trees, grass, weeds, cotton, puppies, kitties, mold, dust and the American cockroach (so gross).  I'd go live in a bubble but I'm probably allergic to that too.  *sigh* I start allergy shots soon.  But my hearing has gotten slightly better.  The ENT is still talking about putting tubes in my ears to even out the pressure from ETD.  I feel too old for ear tubes.

My blood pressure dropped from 140/90 to 115/80 since stopping Microgestin. Yay!

Last year when Bean was deployed I started painting pottery.  I always liked ceramics in high school but never liked actually working with the clay (it was always so messy).  This is perfect since I really just liked painting anyways.  So now I have a house full of things I painted.  Bean told me he likes my painted bowls and plates over the actual matching set we own.  But he might of just said that to make me stop crying over said brokenness.  So now a couple times a month I go back to paint until I have a baby, gain my sanity back, or we just don't have room for anymore (I put my money on this one).

I need a more irresponsible look on life too.  It seems to work for everyone else.  I have three piercing in each ear along with a short lived (rejected) navel piercing a couple years ago.  I decided to have my navel re-pierced this past weekend.  Why?  I've always liked them, even with the slut stereotype.  My stomach already has several scars on it so it's not like I have that much to lose.  Not too many people actually see my stomach (or would want to) other than Bean.  It was my random idea a month or so ago if Clomid #1 didn't work.  I'm actually glad I did.  It has been way less painful than the first time I had it done.  

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  1. That plate is beautiful. I'd love to see it finished (after the fire)

    I'm sorry that you allergic to so much! I really hope the shot knocks it ALL out.


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