Tuesday, April 12, 2011


I loathe where I live.  I mentioned this once or twice before.  It's not so much the area and being in the middle of nowhere.  A place where they don't believe in a 24-hour Wal-Mart and the town and road are the same name (I guess they lacked originality.)  And I really do like my house.

It's that everything I touch turns to shit.  I call it the bad luck state.  I'm not really sure if there is a such thing as bad luck but if you need a definition this would be it.  I even bought jade from the Chinese nature store last December. It's in my bedroom and doesn't bring good luck like it claims, obviously.

Someone cut me off on the highway yesterday.  I was going close to 80mph (129kph) when they decided my lane looked like the place to be.  Too bad they didn't bother to look to see if a car was already in it.

As my car was swerving out of control and right before I hit the guardrail, twice, I looked at the ass end of my favorite dark blue pickup truck.  They didn't bother to stop.  In fact they never even slowed down.  Just kept on driving.  The New Hampshire thing to do.  Fucker...

I hate this state.  I hate everything about it.

And I love my car, even when I have to pick the piece of it off the highway.


  1. OMGOSH!!!!! Are you okay???!!! Please tell me you went and got checked out. And PLEASE tell me they caught the guy who did this. :( So sorry!!

  2. I'm fine, just sore. Bean made me go to the doctor this morning, they just gave me ibuprofen & muscle relaxers (which I really don't want to take). Unfortunately I don't think they'll catch them. :( I gave a pretty vague description of the car.


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