Wednesday, April 13, 2011

One Year Ago...

I mention every once and awhile that my husband goes on "business trips."  Yeah well that's a lie.  They are not the standard business trip.  I don't know when he's leaving, returning, or where he is going.  I have very limited contact, sometimes zero for months at a time.  My knownledge is restrict to a few tiny details.

My husband works on something called 774.  It's a nuclear fast attack submarine for the United States Navy.  If you want to know more then I'll tell Wikipedia you're coming.

Bean has been apart of 774 for over 3 years and has another year before moving on.  I just tag along from location to location.  It has it's good and bad parts.

But it's April 13th!  A year ago today 774 returned home from a 6 month deployment.  This is like your wedding day to a military family.  So I decided to share some photos (since I take a lot anyways.)

CD29, no O, no AF

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  1. Holy moly! gone for weeks/months on end with no contact! You must be one strong Navy wife! I was raised an army brat and i watch my dad be gone for just a week or two. I have so much respect for my mom, because I tend to fall apart when my DH is gone for more than one night.

    I thank YOU and your husband for your service to our country!

    happy iclw


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