Saturday, March 26, 2011

Random Update

I promise this post will be less depressing than the last.  I assumed talking about my family would make me feel better.  Instead it has resulted in a glass of orange juice, peach schnapps and vodka.  Ummm, yeah...

My OPKs are all negative so far (well a faint line).  But it's only CD12 so too early to tell if the Clomid worked.

My temps are starting to drop.  But they are not too far off compared to the last time I charted my BBT.  (I really have no TTC updates besides those two things, sorry! )

I've had two appointments for allergy testing this week.  My arms are still bruised from the 40+ tiny needles.  I might be starting allergy shots next week.  ENT is hoping it will make some of my hearing

I told Bean we need to buy an SUV (or larger car) before we have a baby or move again.  We move a lot!  Currently we have a pickup truck and VW Beetle, nether are "family friendly."  We looked at a newer SUV outside of Boston a couple weeks ago.  It was a great car, but too much money for the number of miles on it.

I'm going to be traveling a lot in the next few months.  Mid-April I'll be southern Connecticut (military ball).  In May I'll be near Boston, Massachusetts (Steampunk yay!),  Rochester, New York (Lilacs), Ontario, Canada (Tulips), Albany, New York (more Tulips).  In July I'll be in upstate New York (covering a wedding).  And Bean and I are thinking of going to Las Vegas for our anniversary in August, but that's still up in the air.  I'm really looking forward to spring and the new photography season.

Talking about spring, IT'S SPRING BREAK!  Well last week was for my school.  Between the bikinis and sun I was getting all week long... OK both of those are lies.  It actually snowed all week and never got above 50°.  Yay spring!

I kind of regret my decision to go with Blogger over WordPress this time.  My other blogs were with WP.  I miss the customization. :(

This week I found Nip/Tuck on Netflix.  Julian McMahon is hot.  Bean wants to watch the X-Files and other sci-fi shows instead.  Blah...


  1. You can import your blog into a Wordpress one so you don't lose any posts--I like WP a lot better too!

  2. I saw that option! I'll get around to it. :)


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