Who Are You?

I love to hear back from my readers.  Please let me know more about you.

Who are you?

Where are you from?

How did you find me?

What's your infertility story?

Or your non-infertilty story if you are here for other reasons.

Please leave your blog link if you have one.  :)


  1. Hello! A "Who Are You?" page is a good idea, isn't it? ;) I'm Elizabeth, I grew up in the Pacific Northwest, spent a lot of time in California, and currently live in Switzerland with my Swiss hubby. I found you after you commented on my blog: http://bebesuisse.blogspot.com/ No infertility diagnosis as such, but one big fat miscarriage to get over. As we both know, that's not so easy.

  2. Who are you?

    Where are you from? Uk but Poland based

    How did you find me? Not to sure - Google? Or Twitter?

    What's your infertility story? Dh had issues I also had my irregular cycles and went on Clomid for two rounds duphaston for 7 cycles. Fell pregnant in December '11 while on my 4th cycle of vitex and 10 months of dh being on medication for infections and mobility.

    Would you mind if i stole this idea for my blog too? :) Its a cool way to get to know the reader.

  3. I prefer to remain anonymous in the blogging world, but I am one of your facebook friends, originally because of ferrets, and have been since before you started the blog and I never knew we had IF in common until I seen you post about the blog. Currently I live in Idaho. As I mentioned earlier, I found out about this blog via your FB page.

    My IF story is different than most, I was told at a young age that I would never be able to have kids, due to some genetic defects in my uterus. Therefore I could get PG but not stay PG. Meds and treatments won't help me, so I was pretty much stuck dealing with the fact that I'd never have kids, unless I'd go the adoption route. Over the years I've had at least 8 MC that I know of, 6 being in the past 3-4 years. Which that in itself was a major struggle dealing with that and hoping for a miracle. I found out I was PG again last spring, didn't think much about it, and somehow managed to stay PG and had my little girl in Oct. I don't blog, nor do I really talk publicly about my IF just because family and close friends don't understand and I really didn't even know there was a blogging world about IF until I found your blog. Reading blogs has helped me realize that there is a great community of ladies out there that are dealing with some similar issues to me.

  4. I know I'm late to respond, but I only get off my phone onto an actual computer on the weekends and I didn't want to miss out! When I open my blog reader, this is the first blog I catch up on.

    I'm from a small town in virginia in the US.

    I'd been following your blog for a while (probably from twitter), but stopped all blog reading for a while after my devastating miscarriage at 12w on new years day. When I went back to blog reading, yours was the first one I clicked. You had lost your bean as well. Our IF stories are pretty different, and we're at different places in our journey, but for a little while in january we were at exactly the same place. I was so sad for the both of us.

    I blog over at http://lovebeingpregnant.blogspot.com/
    and tweet as vtmargaret

    1. Aww thank you for your comment. I just went over to your blog and read your MC story. A lot of the same crazy feeling I felt.

  5. Who are you? Liz from http://ramblingsofasailorslady.blogspot.com/

    Where are you from? Illinois is my home state, but due to the military I reside at Bangor Submarine Base in WA.

    How did you find me? I saw a comment you left on a blog that I follow.

    What's your infertility story? Short & sweet version: My hubby and I have unexplained infertility. We did drugs, IUI and finally IVF. Finally had a baby in January of this year, thanks to that IVF. Even though I should be joyful (and I am for the most part), I fear trying for a second baby, knowing that it will likely be incredibly difficult again.

    1. Welcome! I'm outside of Bangor base right now (Poulsbo) but you probably already knew that reading my blog. I'm glad the IFV worked. Did you do it at a MTF or civilian doctor?

    2. Sorry, I didn't see this earlier. I used a civilian doctor, after the military refused our case and forced Tricare to refer us out (we did it in Hawaii). Honestly, I am glad we were able to use a civilian. Nothing against the military, but they are slow to do anything when it comes to infertility...at least in Hawaii anyway.

  6. Who are you? Another Liz/ Elizabeth, like two others here.

    Where are you from? UK

    How did you find me? Through Bébé Suisse link about pregnant apple juice.

    What's your infertility story? Started trying in November 2006. 3 IUI's no success, three IVFs = nothing. Fourth IVF pregnant with twins briefly.

    Blog: www.womb4improvement.blogspot.com


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