Thursday, March 29, 2012

Post-Op Appointment 3/29

You know a doctor's office is expensive
when you see these in the waiting room.
Today was my last appointment with my RE since I'm moving. We went over the surgery from last week.

Uterus looks normal.  Nothing wrong with it and it has been cleared for a "healthy pregnancy".  The abrasions they found during surgery in October are gone.  And the D&C in January left no scar tissue or damage.

One of my ultrasounds (ether in January or September) shows I have lots of follicles (eggs) in my ovaries.  They look good for 27 years old.

Biopsy of my uterine lining shows I'll get my period soon.  It has high levels of something I forgot the name of.  First he said that was because I ovulated.  I asked when he thought that was, because I don't.  Then said it might be due to the Provera I was taking being absorbed.  That's a better explanation since I was on it for the whole week before.  I should get my period in the next few days, or a week max.

Again today is my day off and I'm not standing all day so I haven't felt any cramps.  But yesterday they were pretty bad at work, and I work the next two days.  RE thinks it's more period related than surgery.

Good appointment and nothing really negative.  Only thing is my ovaries may stop ovulating again.  If that's the case then injectables along with TI, IUI, or IVF will be needed.  RE suggested IVF because that has the highest success rate.  True, but it is also $13,000 to do and my insurance covers nothing of.  Dr. H keeps trying to push this doctor out in Seattle.  However, I have military insurance, Tricare Prime.  I have to see the doctors on the military base, unless they don't have the means to take care of me and then I get a referral out in town.  Where we live now is a tiny base.  For women's reproductive health all they do are pap smears and give out birth control pills, and that's only one day a week.  Pregnant women also get sent to an OBGYN in town.  And since I'm a bit more complicated than the average pregnancy I'm also sent out to an OBGYN or RE.  We are moving to a much larger base.  The Army base (Madigan at Fort Lewis) an hour away is one of the few MTF (Military Treatment Facility) that do IVF.  Sorry Dr. H, but if anything they are going to send me there.  That and I heard IVF is cheaper there.

The movers schedule got changed and they'll be here Tuesday and Wednesday instead.  Gives me more time to pack my stuff and less time sleeping on the floor.  I found a daycare for Loki.  He starts tomorrow and then the two days next week.  Loki is shy and I'm hoping they don't have a crying five month old puppy all day.

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  1. Good luck on the move, and I hope you stay cramp free :) or at least I hope it gets better, and I hope you are able to have more options living on a larger base!


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