Thursday, January 26, 2012

D&C Surgery

CD1... fucking again

Today was my D&C for my baby boy.  Although the board in the OR and my paper work says D&E.  I tired Googling to find the difference, only thing I could find the D&C is for first trimester, D&E for second.  Though they might just be used interchangeably.  

1/25 11:30 PM - Last meal of birthday cake and leftover french fries.  Real healthy!

1/26 12:15 AM - Last drink of water, don't tell anymore I drank past midnight!

7:00 AM - Wake up.  Braid my new blue hair. (Another post there.)

7:45 - Leave for surgery center for our 8:30 appointment.  So hungry and thirsty.  Bean decides to leave my 3 month old puppy out in the house unattended.  Tons of toys so "he'll be fine".

8:10 - Arrive and get registered.  New hospital bracelets.

8:15 - Waiting room.  I look around at all the other women there for Dr. H.  I wonder what they are there for.  Maybe they lost their babies too, or for a lap surgery like I had in October, or something else.  

Favorite Socks
8:30 - Called in.  I get my favorite socks on and gown.  Nurse #1 says she recognizes me.  

8:35 - Million questions and sign a bunch of papers.  

8:40 - Blood pressure 110/70.  Some monitors put on the chest.  IV put in the arm, my husband again looks horrified.  If he ever has an IV put in he is going to pass out.  

8:50 - Dr. H comes in.  He tells me I'm getting sent home at the end with Doxycycline (antibiotic), Iburprofen (pain), and 1 whole Ambien (sleep).  Oh Doxycyline!  We didn't have a good experience last fall, in fact all I do is vomit on it and I ended up stop taking it after the third time I threw it up.  I voiced my concern and he said he'd put me on Amoxicillin instead.  I look down at my right red ALLERGY bracelet, which says "Penicillin" right on it.  Then I was told no antibiotic for me.  I decided to suck it up and go with Doxycycline.  I'll try, if anyone has an tips let me know.  RE said to mix it in ice cream.

9:00 - Off to the OR I go.  Nurse #2 likes my blue hair and thinks she's seen me there before.

9:05 - Up to the warm table I go.  My arms of tied down.  My wires get close to my neck and I don't like it.  I don't like the front of my neck touched, it makes me uncomfortable.  Not even Bean is allowed to touch it.  Bean thinks I might have been chocked as a child and blocked it out, which I have with many memories until they come back later in life.  An air mask is put over my face and drugs pumped into an IV, I drift off.

9:45 - Wake up back up in the general room.  I'm in and out of sleep.  Everything is blurry.

9:50 - Bean comes in.  I tell him I really like his zipper on his coat.

9:55 - Nurse #3 says I look familiar.  I come to the conclusion I'm really fucking unlucky to be here so often.  She brings me ginger ale and chocolate chip cookies.  I ate the whole bag.   

10:20 - No pee catheter or throat tube put in this time.  I feel good.  Some cramping, like menstrual cramps but I've had worse.  Nurse gave me Percocet.  I also feel my uterus leaking.  

10:25 - Bean stands me up and get my dressed.  There is some blood and yellow stuff all over the bed.  Iodine Bean tells me.

10:30 - Discharged, I walk out just fine.  Plastic bag in hand in case I throw up, which I did last time.  I got in the car and rode home, falling asleep on the way.

11:00 - Home and realized said "well behaved" puppy chewed the door mat again and ate a brand new penguin Christmas ornament.  

Release Instructions
11:10 - Upset at puppy but he's cute so I forgave him.  

11:30 - Not much blood, I'm not overly exhausted.  Bean is actually sleeping instead of me.

Everything is looking good!  My RE is testing out my beta hCG.  I'll go for blood pregnancy test every 10 days until it reaches <5.  Probably for the next 4-6 weeks.  This will make sure they got all the pieces out.

Sorry if anything is too graphic.  I know everyday so many women are told they need a D&C, lap surgery or HSG and most of the time they have no idea what to expect.  Infertility and miscarriage are rarely talked about.  I feel it is important to tell my story.

No penis in the vajayjay for the next week.  

Rest in peace baby boy.  12/3/2011 - 01/20/2012


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