Friday, March 16, 2012

Blood Work 3/16

My blood work didn't come out for what I hoped for.

Progesterone:  0.5
Estrogen: 380

Progesterone needs to be 10 or higher for a non medicated cycle, which indicates good ovulation.  A 7 or 8 is a week ovulation, not a very good egg I guess.  A 5 is crappy, but still ovulation.  However, a 0.5 is nothing.  I never ovulated.  I don't know how to read the estrogen levels, I couldn't find a website with a chart.  I think 380 is pretty high.  My estrogen was high back in September too so that wouldn't be a surprise.  

I started Provera yesterday.  It's been over seven weeks from my D&C and my hormones show nothing good.  RE is just going to induce my period and start over.  It should start in a week or three.

My surgery is still next Thursday.  Unless I get my period and I'm bleeding heavy.  Light period they can still do it.

I'm not looking forward to Provera cramps, my first D&C period and a Hysteroscopy all a once.  I fear the menstrual cramps that are to come.  But I really don't have any other choice.

I'm still pretty nauseous and my boobs are sore (I'm 100% serious, not making it up).  I don't know what could cause the sore boobs, I've only ever gotten in post-ovulation with an increased progesterone level.  Could my estrogen level be causing it?  Bean wants to wait and see still.  Maybe they got my labs mixed up with someone else or did them wrong.  Can that even happen? 

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