Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Two Week Wait

My mittelschmerz AKA ovulation pain is slowly getting better.  I currently at 6dpo.

I'm more concerned it is something other than mittelschmerz like a cyst, OHSS, or ectopic pregnancy.  If it's just ovulation pains or a side effect of Clomid then I'll suck it up.

I don't really feel it much now except when I have to pee.  Because of that it makes me pee often.  It's like my bladder pushes against it or something and when I peddle it irritates it even more.  I seriously peed like 5 times between last night and this morning.  It's not like "I have to go now," but more uncomfortable.  Sex is still pretty painful.  I don't last long but we found a new position that doesn't hit it as much.  I'm starting to wonder if this is the reason I'm in so much pain to begin with?  I didn't call my doctor because it is starting to fade but I have to schedule an appointment for next cycle so I'll mention it then.

I'll do the whole 2ww roundup early since I'm already here.  I mentioned before I didn't have a whole lot of hope going into this cycle.  I really don't have many symptoms compared to last cycle like the hard nipples, cramps, CM, acne, nausea.

Nipples - They have gotten sensitive a few times like before, but not nearly as much.  (off & on)

Cramps - No early cramps so far as of 6dpo, just the mittelschmerz.

CM - This has returned.  (3dpo - now)

Acne - Also came back to visit, great!  (4dpo - now)

Nausea - Also back but not as strong this cycle.  I'm really happy about this one!  (off & on)

Ovary Pain - This post and my last sum that up.  (CD17 - now)

Pee-oholic - Again above (3dpo - now)

Really nothing substantial.  :/  I list all my symptoms on here if anyone wants to see.  I try to update it daily.

I have more to add for my weird dreams.  After I wrote this, I woke up the next morning to another dream.  In the dream I had cooked chicken pieces all over the kitchen floor.  Bean was asleep so I was forced to clean the chicken up myself.  In the dream I dry heaved over and over again at the sight of the chicken.  So disgusting.  I didn't fall asleep or wake up nauseous so I don't know what's up with that.  Again, really really gross.

 Things I've fixed this past week:
    engagement and wedding rings
  1. Phone - Really I just spent $200 to buy a new one.
  2. Car - The roof has been broken on it since I bought it.  Well not 100% broken, it just only works when it feels like it.  Like when I'm trying to show the mechanic or Bean that it's broken.  But it finally stopped working on Bean, then we brought it in to have it fixed.  I still had the 60 day warranty on it so no cost to me.  Except when I went to pick it up for the 5th time the salesman tried to sell me the 2012 model.  Listen asshole, I just gave you guys $15k less than two months ago, what makes you think I have the money for a brand new car?  And they lost one of my car keys, which normally wouldn't be a big deal if they didn't cost $300 each!  Joys of owning a foreign car.  
  3. Engagement & Wedding Band - My engagement ring has been too small for my finger for awhile so it is being resized to a big girl size of 6!  It was sized to 4.75 when I first got it, guess I got fatter.  My wedding band is getting soldered to it since it never looks like the photo and always rotates.  
  4. Ovaries - Ha that's a joke!
Things I broke:
  1. New victim of identify fraud.   Some asshole stole my name, SSN and old phone number to sign up for cable TV.  The collection agency found me of course because I never paid my bill.  My credit report shows I have a new address in Georgia, I don't think I've ever even been to GA?  We filled a bunch of reports and hopefully everything goes away.
CD24, 6DPO

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