Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Two Week Wait

What two week wait doesn't come with a bunch of made up pregnancy symptoms? I'm really trilled that my ovaries decided to work this cycle.  So here's my list:

Nipples - They are sensitive, but don't hurt.  Usually if something rubs them, or water runs over them in the shower.  It's an annoying feeling and only my nipples, rest of my breast are fine.  Or they get super turned on when Bean touches them (which usually doesn't happen, I'm not a nipple kind of girl.) And they keep getting really hard, like little bullets.  (1dpo - now 8dpo)

Cramps - Like menstrual cramps but very light, usually when I'm lieing down. (1dpo - 3dpo)

Cervical Mucus - Oh my there is tons of it.  I have more now then when I ovulated.  It's white, thick and sticky.  (6dpo - now)

Acne - I feel like I went back in time 10 years to high school.  (5dpo - now)

I did find this website: All Very Early Pregnancy Signs & Symptoms.  It list all pregnancy symptoms from 0dpo and onward.

PS Sorry I've been ignoring this blog lately.  I have tons of finals due right now.  My house looks like shit too because I haven't cleaned it in so long.
CD24, 8dpo

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