Sunday, June 12, 2011


I have many pregnancy dreams sometimes.  Since I've never been PG I don't see them as a sign.  Although I do believe dreams have some meaning.

My most recent dream was the other night.  I was at 4dpo and POAS (which happened to be the dpo I was at that day in real life).  Two were dipsticks, two digital.  The two dipsticks and one digital came back positive!  The other digital came back negative.  I don't remember feeling happy, but more pissed and cautious that the POAS (pregnancy test AKA pee on a stick) came back positive.  Fucking broken POAS.

Another dream I had two weeks ago I was out to dinner with another PG couple that Bean and I know (we know a lot).  The husband asked when we are planning on having kids.  Every IF favorite question!  I started crying.  I've never cried in a dream before.

Some of my PG dreams show me having a girl (the past year or two) or a boy (more recent).  Sometimes I'm early in the pregnancy, other times about to give birth.  I've even had them show labor and breastfeeding.  The common color is red, not sure if that's a good or bad sign.  I've heard of other people having similar dreams so like I said, I don't see them as a sign of anything.  But I do find them interesting.

PS New page showing the cost of being infertile.  My list is really short & I'm lucky enough to have insurance that has covered everything IF related so far.  But I thought it would be interesting to keep track.
CD23, 5DPO

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