Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Grrr, Car...

Today = not a good day.  It doesn't help I woke up in a bad mood to begin with (after reading someones Facebook status that pissed me off).  The car that I mentioned was fixed yesterday is now broken again.  I tried to use the convertible roof on it today (first sunny day and all), it went all the way down and didn't lock.  When it doesn't lock it gets stuck, it won't lock or come back up.  I can't drive it anywhere because it's not safe and the car just keeps beeping.  I also can't really leave the roof down for fear it might rain.  So where I was heading with the car got canceled and was replaced with two hours on the phone with the dealership I got it from.  I was pissed, I still am.  I even cried on the phone to 2 out of the 3 guys I talked too.  It's been two months.  I'm sick of having it looked at and being told to bring it back another day for more time/parts or that it's now fixed.  The dealership I got it from is 1 1/2 hr away, the sister dealership is 40 minutes away.  I'm sick of driving it to both.  The car runs like it's supposed to.  It does it's basic job of getting me for one place to another (well when the convertible is up).  It just sucks when you pay extra money for something and get doesn't work.  I'm beyond frustrated with it.

You can't return or exchange a car so I can't just give it back.  I tried!  But I seriously think it's time to trade this thing in.  I miss my sunroof so much right now.

I'm one of those people that once I get upset about something, everything else just comes up too.  No matter how big or small my other problems are, once I start getting angry and crying they find there way to the surface.  I start out upset about one thing (the car), by the end I've added five other problems to the mix, like my broken ovaries, my dying pet, how fat I currently feel, etc.  This is not a good thing.

Two and half hours and a box of tissues later I decided to drive to Target.  By then my car decided to work again and I felt stable enough to be seen in public.  Five minutes down the road I began crying again (I was wrong about the stable part).  I also cried in the Target parking lot and I'm pretty sure I looked like shit walking around the store.   

Tomorrow I have an appointment with a local dealership to have it looked at again.  This is the place I normally take my cars to since it's right up the road and I actually like them.  So I'll probably be hanging out there all day unless they can find me a rental or I can talk someone into picking me up.  Maybe I'll test drive a few cars and get a trade-in quote on this POS.  That will make me feel like I got somewhere.

PS I've also decided Target seems like a really like place to work in my miserable state.  

PSS I'm pretty sure I said some mean things to people on Facebook today.  Oh well...

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