Saturday, March 17, 2012

Good Luck State

This area is bad luck.

I didn't grow up around here.  People often ask me if I like living here.  I fucking hate it.  I don't mind the area so much, it's just that everything I touch turns to shit.  Something always goes horribly wrong.  At first I wanted to "fix" it, then realized there was no way.  I thought I'd list the bad things that have happened.

  1. I lost a lot of friends.  I moved here with a few good friends.  Something happened with one of them (that wasn't my fault) and I ended up losing the whole group of them.  They came around eventually so that was good.  But I spend a lot of time alone for awhile.  - Aug. '10
  2. My husband's best friend attacked me.  I was never the same after that. - Sept. '10
  3. My mum came to visit.  About 30 minutes after picking her up she fell down my stairs and broke her arm.  She ended up having to spend the night in the hospital. - Sept. '10
  4. My husband missed our first anniversary and bought me a really nice camera lens to make up for it.  My Pell Grant for school decided to drop me and I had to sell the lens to make up the money. - Sept. '10
  5. My ferret Munchlet got diagnosed with terminal cancer and needs surgery. - Oct. '10
  6. Munchlet's surgery got canceled because he has an enlarged heart. - Dec. '10
  7. I got food poisoning on Christmas day and Bean ended up having to take me to the ER. - Dec. '10
  8. I cried for the first time over a negative pregnancy test. - Dec. '10
  9. I got told I'm infertile. - Dec. '10
  10. My husband's asshole of a friend (see #2) ruined a holiday party of me by spilling beer all over my clothes.  - Jan. '11
  11. I have really bad allergies and require shots each week. - Mar. '11
  12. Some asshole totaled my favorite car. - Apr. '11
  13. My new car gives me tons of problems. - May '11
  14. My fertility drugs stop working, for the third time. - Aug. '11
  15. A really painful HSG requires Lap surgery. - Sept. '11
  16. Stinker dies. - Nov. '11
  17. The heartbeat on my first child stops and I need D&C surgery. - Jan. '12
  18. I put Munchlet to sleep. - Feb. '12
  19. D&C then requires a Hysteroscopy surgery. - Mar. '12
And then the good so I don't seem like such a pessimist.

  1. I got a new couch. - Oct. '10
  2. I got a new OBGYN.  - Mar. '11
  3. I got a new car.  Thanks to #11 totaling it. - Apr. '11
  4. Bean got a new car.  - Jun. '11
  5. I got a new job and love the people I work with. - Jun. '11
  6. I got a new RE.  (See #13) - Aug. '11
  7. I got a dog named Loki. - Dec. '11
  8. I got pregnant for the first time with a herbal drug.  (Then see #16) - Dec. '11
  9. I trading my car in and dyed my hair blue thank to #16. - Jan. '12
Good Luck Necklace I Got
So outside of the materialist items I'm going to say my experience living here has been pretty crappy.  I've lost my health, my pets, and my child.  You can't simply replace those with a trip to the store.  I like my local friends around here.  But I am very happy to be leaving.  I feel like everything that could go wrong has here.  I don't know of anyways to fix it besides just getting up and leaving.

I still feel like crap!

My stomach hurts to much, usually in the morning or at night.  On an empty stomach or full one. Sometimes I just want to throw up and get everything else. This is like the two week wait symptoms I had for my pregnancy in December, but worse.  But the RE said pregnancy would be impossible since ovulation never happened at 0.5 progesterone.   I envy every preggo with morning sickness right now, least they are getting something out of it.  And the boobs still hurt.
Provera #3


  1. Sounds like it's been a rough few years for you. Here's to happier times ahead!

  2. When I first moved here and all my stuff got destroyed which seemed to have a domino effect on everything else, I labeled it the New Hampshire curse. I love all the stuff there is to do around here and am dreading going back to boring Groton, but I like the idea of starting over in a new home too. I hope that Washington will be the start of better things for you.


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