Thursday, November 10, 2011

Random Update

This is going to be a random post of me ranting.  Some of it has nothing to do with infertility.

Facebook events for places I no longer live near.  I move around a lot so I have friends in many states.  Every once and awhile I get an invite for one of these events thrown by a friend or "friend" in a different state.  I don't mind one or two a year inviting me to your BBQ or birthday party.  But I'm talking about one or two a week inviting me to some event, usually a concert or those parties where they sell things.  I am not going to drive five hours!  Simple as that.  I have a job, life, sick pets and it's a really long fucking drive.  Not unless you are really special to me and it's an important event (wedding, baby shower, big birthday celebration, etc.) count me out.     

Facebook events for people I don't know.  We are scheduled to move soon and we have a 95% sure idea where we are going.  It's a place I've never been to and have very little knowledge about.  I joined a group for wives that already live there to kind of get to know the area.  One young mother invited me and all the other 300+ members of the group to her child's first birthday party.  She said she did it because she didn't know many people in the area.  I can understand that.  But 1. I currently live 3000+ miles away, 2. I've never met or talked to you before, 3. I've never met your child, 4. Inviting a large number of strangers to your house doesn't seem safe for you or your child.  I know living in a new area with no or very few friends does suck.  I've been there pretty much every time I move.  But I'm sure you can still give your child a good birthday even with just a few people or just the two of you.  

I hide preggos and new moms on Facebook.  I hide pretty much all the pregnant women, with the exception of two who I can actually stand.  I hate the constant updates about the baby.  Believe it or not I do remember you are pregnant and I don't need a reminder each day (or several times a day).  This is also for new moms that post updates and photos continuously.  Every once and while I go through and "unhide" the ones that I might think are safe now.  I did this yesterday, one is already re-hidden because I completely forgot she was one of those new moms.  

I hate people that bitch how horrible their kids are on Facebook.  I hate it even more when they get PG with baby #2.  This person needs to be deleted.  I grew up with verbal abuse, I know what it's like to be told what a piece of shit you are by your own parent.  This does not reach to that level but it still upsets me.  And that fact that they planned for another baby at a certain time AND actually got it.  I'm sure (and hope) they are not as bad of parents as they post in these status updates.  But still don't put those kinds of things for other people to read.  (I need to do a post about drug addicts, abuse, mistake pregnancy and God soon.)  

Asking me to vote in some Facebook contest.  I really don't want to be forced into voting for your child or pet.  Please stop sending me messages or wall posts because you've realized I haven't voted yet.  If I'm really super excited about the contest then I'll do it on my own time.  One person sent me a message asking me to vote for her dog in some halloween costume contest to win money.  The puppy has terminal cancer and needs money for meds.  That seems sweet and all.  But you know who else has terminal cancer?  My pet.  You know who else needs meds?  My pet.  Do you think most people give a fuck?  Nope.  Do you see people giving me money?  Nope.  Does this bother me?  Not at all.  Why?  Because he's my pet and my responsibly.  I knew when I got him years ago that he would eventually get old and cost me a lot in medical bills.  I knew that from the start.  I will never ask for money for medical bills or food for him.  (FYI if anyone ever does donate money to a person or shelter for animal medical bills, make sure you get the name of the vet they use and send the money straight to the vet with their account name.  Don't just send it to the person/shelter.)

The preggo at work keeps reminding me she is pregnant.  It's pretty fucking obvious.  I don't forget, in fact when I see her name of the schedule it's the first thing I think.  The other day she let me know that she keeps forgetting things because "only another 8 weeks to go!"  Well I forget a lot of shit too and I'm not even PG.  Yesterday I did a project for my class and completely forgot to hand it in.  What good that did.  I tried to be nice and ask about her fetus, but now it's all I hear about.  Sometimes I just put her on mute.  

Now I must sounds like a total fucking bitch that won't come to your events, your kids birthday party, ignores your fetus, newborn child and cares less about your dying pet.  I'm really not that bad. If I'm not close to you or your child then I tend to distance myself.  But if I haven't seen you since high school, you haven't called or texted me and the only commutation we've had is adding me as your Facebook friend then... And I donate a lot of animal shelters with pets that do have cancer AND are abandoned or abused.  I'm not totally heartless.

One of my pets passed away Saturday morning.  I've talked about Munchlet from time to time and his Insulinoma (mentioned above).  But this was another one, our only girl.  No health problems and here death was sudden.  She was fine Thursday, sick Friday night and gone by Saturday morning.  Bean and I both had to work early Saturday morning so we cleaned up her body before going in.  My eyes watered but I never cried.  Not sure why.  My tears are sometimes delayed because I don't 100% process something is gone right away.  Or maybe because Bean was crying and I had to be strong for him.  Or maybe I just wasn't that close to her.  Or maybe I've just been so busy with work and school.  Or maybe because I've been through so much this year and a half that I've learned tears will not fix anything.  But she's gone and I'm hoping to get some time off work at the end of the month to transport her body (which is currently in my freezer) to NY to burry her.  RIP Stinker 8.27.06 - 11.5.11 
CD25, 10dpo


  1. Yes, yes, yes. You said it all. :)

    My condolences on Stinker. She was beautiful. :(

  2. Crystal Davis-PepperDecember 4, 2011 at 12:59 AM

    Im very sorry about your pet and i didnt realize you had a sick pet or i would have been rallying for yours as well. i know i was the one who posted for you to vote for my mother in laws dog. very sorry if i hurt your feelings or made you upset.

    also i know how you feel with the new mothers. its also very annoying when family members throw it in your face knowing you would give anything to have the gift they have been given.

    once again sorry.


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