Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Third Ultrasound

Friday I measured 5w6d and baby had a heart rate of 86bpm.  

Today I measured 5w6d with 70bpm.

I would have been 8w3d today.  My baby grew zero in 4 days.  The baby's heart is slowing down.  RE has close to zero hope for it.

I have another U/S on 1/24.  As long as the heart stops by then and I don't MC naturally then my D&C is scheduled for 1/26.  If not 2/9.  I'll be put out for it so I'll be happy to not be in anymore pain or see any more than I want to.

I knew looking at the U/S right away the baby had passed or stopped growing.  It looked exactly the same as the other day.  I saw the heart blinking but knew it was flashing at a slower rate.  The RE grabbed my wrist and check my own heart rate against the baby and found mine faster where it should be the other way around.

RE said since my yolk sac was large and baby small that the baby had a chromosomal abnormality.  I guess my yolk sac keep going to feed my 8 week old embryo that never made it that far.  


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