Thursday, January 19, 2012

Why It Was Great For Me To Miscarry

I decided I'm make a list of a bunch of reasons why it was good to have a miscarriage.  This is really just to make me feel better.  I'd rather actually be holding my baby at the end of August, but that doesn't look like it is going to be happening.

Why It Was Great For Me To Miscarry
  1. I get to eat feta cheese, bleu cheese and turkey sandwiches again.  (I have already taken advantage of all three of those.)
  2. I am off gym restriction.  (I miss you gym!)
  3. I can go skiing, snow tubing, ride roller coasters or any other extreme activity.
  4. I can dye my hair blue.
  5. I can pierce unmentionable parts of my body.
  6. I will (eventually) stop getting nauseous.
  7. (Eventually) my boobs will stop hurting.
  8. My boobs will be spared the sagging and leaking that comes with PG and breastfeeding for awhile longer.  
  9. I can get so drunk I can't feel my face. (In time...)
  10. I can drink unlimited high caffeinated soda pop.
  11. I can work past what would have been my first trimester. (High risk, bed rest possibility.)
  12. My husband won't miss the birth due to work now.  (Because there won't be one!)
  13. I don't have to move the 2,500+ miles across country riding in a car with something sitting on my bladder.  
  14. I don't have to be PG in the summer.  (I hear that sucks.)
  15. I can re-start allergy shots.  
  16. I can lift heavy things again.
  17. Pap smear, and hopefully nothing more.
  18. I can have sex again!  (Sex restriction sucks too, all this time making a baby to actually get PG and not be able to have sex!  Fear no more, I have another baby to make.) 
And then...

Great Things About Having a D&C
  1. The surgery center gives out a free pair of these amazing soft socks every time I go there.
  2. The center has diet ginger ale.
  3. Said ginger ale & sock cost my insurance about $10k because that is what they are billed from the RE, anesthesiologist and center.
  4. This will be my third time there since October.
  5. I wake up, go to the center, get put out, wake up, go home, fall asleep.  I get to catch up on sleep.
  6. I get a day off work.
  7. I get my period without Provera.
  8. Husband is also excited for his day off work.  (Though I'm sure he wishes he was doing something more fun than watching me sleep.)
  9. I don't have to be in a lot of pain or see my baby come out my vagina.
  10. This should be simple compared to the lap surgery because they are not cutting into my stomach or filling my abdomen with gas this time. (Though not like lap surgery was that bad.)
  11. I get more pain meds that I can sell to make more money to pay for infertility treatment.  (OK that's a lie, but it did come to mind.)
  12. I get another IV in my arm and watch my husband squirm.  I call him a baby in front of all the nurses.  Then realize why women delivery babies, not men!
  13. More hospital bracelets for the baby book. (Another infertile women mentioned to me putting all her bracelets in the book, not just the one from the delivery.  They were all about "making the baby".  I could fill a whole page of these bracelets now.)
  14. It's scheduled the day after my 27th birthday, so now I'll forever know the date of this surgery when I'm filling out my medical history each time I go to a new doctor. (My first LEEP was Valentines Day 2005, still remember the date to this day.)
  15. I really like those socks.

We are taking full advantage of no sex restriction this week.  I told Bean we need to get going because I'm ovulating.  He questions that  considering I am still PG so I tell him to go Google it.  But by then I already have my clothes off.  End of story.  Yes I lie and tell my husband I'm ovulating, even when I'm not, so he'll have sex with me.

And my last U/S is January 24th, my birthday is January 25th, and my D&C is January 26th.  I'm forward to this amazing week!  This is EXACTLY what I wanted for my birthday!  Please send me cute stuff and booze!

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