Thursday, June 2, 2011

Keeping the Swimmers In

I said I'd give Instead Softcups an attempt for TTC since they got great reviews on

I had two fears of these things.  1. That is would act more as a diaphragm than an $8 IUI.  2.  It would turn into a huge mess.

And this is the part of the post that becomes TMI.

I have to keep this device in arm's reach during sex.  I can't really go looking for it after the act because...yeah...  So it sits on the bed next to me bouncing up and down having a great time with us.  Bean is honestly grossed out by the idea but he deals.  After we are done my butt is lifted high in the air to keep everyone in.  Getting it inside me really isn't that hard.  With my own fluid, lube and semen it slides right in.  The hardest part is trying to "scoop up" the swimming as it's inserted.  

I started using it CD10 just for practice.  After I put it in I just laid in bed for awhile in fear it would leak.  I actually think I just fell asleep.  It didn't leak at all and I took it out 8 hours later.  I tried pulling it as I was sitting down so I wouldn't dump the cup but I couldn't get my finger under the lip to pull.  So I tried standing up.  Of course I broke the seal and dumped it.  Everything that was in it was now all over my bathroom rug.  But I was surprised that it actually held and there was extra sperm, Pre-seed and fluid in the cup.

tie dye pottery painting
On CD11 it was also used.  A little bit more sperm can out while trying to insert it.  After 5 minutes of laying there I got up to pee with no leakage.  Everything was good except I did wake up in the middle of the night to find a small wet spot.  I removed it after 10 hours.  There was less than the previous day but I still dumped it and a good amount came out.

This is the stupidest idea ever but it might actually work.  So it gives me some hope.

If nothing happens this cycle then Bean is going for SA (Semen Analysis).  Dr. S has already asked me twice to have one done and I really should now that I O (sometimes) especially since I'm sure our insurance covers it.

I brought myself to paint pottery after my allergy shots today.  Painting usually puts me in a better mood.  My sleep schedule has 

tie dye pottery paintingimproved compared to the 15 hours a day of sleep I needed for awhile.  Not sure if it was my allergies, one after another colds I had all winter or what that caused it.  I only need the standard 8 hours of sleep lately and I'm way less run down.  I now have tons of free time that I'm not sure what to do with.

CD12, OPK-

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  1. Good luck!
    I've never been brave enough myself to use them, but I've heard a lot of ladies say it worked like a charm for them!
    I have my fingers crossed for ya this month!


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