Friday, June 3, 2011

My Future Children

This is probably one of many future posts just like it.  After watching other parents and my own I have created a list of how I want my own child raised.  Some are good things that I see, some are bad.  So here's the list from the infertile with no kids.

1.  Education.  I want to teach as child as young as possible.  I actually can not wait for this.  I'm not going to wait 'til pre-school or grade school for someone else to start teaching them.  I also graduated from the public school system and have no problem enrolling my child in it.  But if I feel s/he isn't getting an adequate education then I will pull them from it for private or home schooling.  Education is everything and you will go nowhere without it.

2.  Preservatives.  If the food doesn't go bad soon after you buy it then it's probably not good for you.  I very rarely step foot in a chain grocery store.  My fruits, vegetables, meat and bread come from a small market that has lower prices and the foods taste better.  Unfortunately since I try to limit foods with preservatives I am often there several times a week.  I buy organic when it's available and at a low enough price.  And frozen dinner don't happen around here.  My child will not be eating cheese puffs and McDonald's regularly.  That stuff is garbage.  I also hope my child isn't a picky eater like myself (although it will probably happen.)

3.  Limited TV.  Television shouldn't be babysitting your kids.  We don't watch much TV around here and only have one TV in our house.  It's small and in the corner of our living room.  We do have cable but it is a very basic package and I honestly haven't watched it in months (I should just cancel it.)  Most stuff on TV is junk and I feel like I've lost brain cells watching it.  

4.  Bedtime.  I often walk into a store like Wal-Mart at 11PM and find people actually bring their kids out at that time.  Why is there no bedtime?  I can see maybe once in a great while when they are sick, you have no one to watch them and cold meds are needed.  But even then I don't see myself doing so in a tube top.

5.  Open Sexuality.  I want to be close to my child about everything.  I don't care if they have sex.  But my son will be given condoms and my daughter will be put on birth control.  My child will not be another 16 and Pregnant.  

6.  Hold My Child.  I honestly can not wait to hold my baby for the first time.  I never want to let them go.  I was never touched much growing up.  Very few hugs, kisses and "I love you" are rarely said.  I want to change that.  

7.  Abuse.  I also grew up with physical and verbal abuse in my home.  My child will not see that.  And I will be proud of them no matter what.

8.  Creative.  I hope they are creative like me.  I love to sew, paint and take photos.  I want to teach all those things to my child.

9.  College Fund.  It will be started ASAP after I'm pregnant.

10.  Disneyland.  For their 5th birthday.  I always loved that idea.  I didn't go my first time 'til I was in my teens so I'd "remember" it.  But there is something about going when you're young and everything is still magical.
CD13, OPK-

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  1. What an inspiring list! I agree with you, and I have to say that I'm happy that you've already incorporated some of your list into YOUR life (like eating right and TV - 2 places I fail miserably - I blame it on the renovations).

    And for #6, let me just tell you that unless your baby is born with a medical need to immediately be taken from you, you can tell the nurses to go to hell and take measurements and give VitK shots later and take their APGARs with the baby in your arms - I did! :)


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