Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Trip to NY

My surgery is in the morning.  I'm more frustrated with everything than anything else.  

Hysteroscopy & Laparoscopic Surgery  - October 2011
Dilation & Evacuation - January 2012
Hysteroscopy - March 2012

This is my third time at the surgery center since October (well fourth if you count the first one getting canceled).  I'm exhausted from the same process over and over again, for different reasons.

I'm still waiting for Provera to work.  I've taken six pills so far (was only supposed to take five but had extra).  I've also started Vitamin C.

Trip to NY

I've had four days in a row off work this week.  Monday I drove five hours to NY to visit my father.  Tuesday morning I drove my father an hour each way to the Apple store to buy a new laptop.  Then spent the way transferring all his files from his really old PC.  Until 10PM when I was frustrated and couldn't do it anymore.  Today I helped him with his computer again.  Then drove the five hours back to NH to get here in time for my 6PM art class.  Tomorrow surgery, Friday I'm back at work.

This trip to NY is FAR from a vacation.  My father isn't that great with computers.  He gets a pop-up saying he has a virus, he downloads the program, installs it and then it shuts his computer down unless he pay them a certain amount of money.  Yes, someone actually falls for this.  Plus I'm pretty sure he visits a lot of porn sites.  The PC is loaded with so many viruses and spyware.  So I am switching him to a Mac, that way if he decides to download these programs they won't install.  My father has a temper, short patience, and asks questions using the wrong computer terms so you have to try is decipher what he really means.  If you guess wrong then he gets pissed at you.  It's frustrating and my patience also begins to run thin after hours of this.  Among other issues like "why doesn't it come with a book?" and making stupid jokes, I'd rather sit home and do nothing.  

I brought my five month old puppy with me, a test trip for him.  This was only 200+ miles, we'll be doing 3,000+ with him and two ferrets in three weeks.  (Ferrets are fine, we have done long road trips with them before.)  I wanted to make sure he'd up OK (not destroy the car, get car sick, have enough room, not get too hot, be alright in a new place) before finding out later on.  For being so young he was surprisingly decent.  He didn't chew on/dig at anything in the car or at my fathers.  He just sat there looking out the window or sleeping in the car.  He holds his bladder much longer now and had no accidents.  But is a little poop shy and had a hard time deciding to go.  The breed (Chow Chow) can be aggressive to strangers.  He barked at the toll booth collectors and strangers in the parking lot that got too close to the car.  Even grandpa (my father) he growled and barked at.  He waited and followed me around at grandpas.  If I was upstairs (Loki is still learning stairs) he'd wait at the bottom for me.  And waited by the door when I left to pick up pizza.  I told Bean about this "annoying" behavior and he said Loki is trying to protect me from people he thinks is a threat.  I've never had someone to protect me before (here and here), this might be nice.  Only thing that really pissed me off was I taught him the little stair in the garage.  I opened the door to start loading the car as we were leaving and he ran out and into the front yard without me.  I called him a couple times and he came running back, which was good.  But I was afraid I lost him forever.  I was upset at him for that.  I stuck him in the car while I loaded everything else.  Once we got on the road I noticed he was in the far back (not up by me) and looking out the window, only looking at me over his shoulder occasionally.  I could tell he was upset for getting yelled at and sensed I was still angry.  He didn't mean to be bad, I know he's young and just wanted to run and play in the yard, and he did come back when I said "come".  I ended up stopping at a local pet store and bringing him inside to pick out a toy.  There is this stupid sheep toy he plays with every puppy class (he plays with it more than the other puppies) that I have been avoiding buying because I know he'll destroy it quick.  Anyways he's the happiest dog every now with the sheep and carries it around wherever.  Overall the dog is way easier than my family.

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  1. Aww, he's a cutie! Especially with his little sheep.

    Good luck with the surgery and let us know soon that you're doing okay.


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