Monday, January 30, 2012

Day Four

Bean & I
CD 6

As for my D&C I'm doing fine.  Some minor cramping, nothing too painful.  My bleeding has become less and less, and turned from red to brown.  Some "chunks" but I've seen worse.  I'm also a little moody, like PMS or Clomid angry.  So it just feels like a normal period.  

A commenter wrote on one of my other posts that CD1 starts when my hCG = zero, and that O might be later.  I'm still going to count the D&C as CD1 and keep counting from there.  It just makes it easier to keep track of things right now.  And then maybe restart CD1 once hCG is zero, or something.  I'm sure that will not be for awhile ether way.  

In December I mentioned I didn't care if I got pregnant or not, as long as I ovulated.  Same holds true now.  My ovaries need to go back to kindergarden.  Step 1:  Mature egg(s),  Step 2: Release them.  We can figure out the whole sperm and sex thing later on.  You can fill my uterus with swimmer until it's completely full but it will still do no good.  I don't care if I ovulate late, or if my real period just shows up randomly.  But for the love of PCOS, please ovaries don't make me sit around 'til CD90 and end up on Provera again.  Just do something, anything!

If I can get knocked up without fertility drugs, and some weird herbal stuff I bought on Amazon, then I'm going to get knocked up again on the weird herbal stuff.  This will be my approach until I get desperate enough to spend the $3k on an IUI.  The herbal stuff (Vitex) makes you poop a lot.  I forgot about this side effect when I started it last fall.  Oh well, my system with stabilize again and I'll be back to normal soon.

What's most annoying side effect from this whole thing?  I can't find its connection but I'm still really dizzy.  Actually I Googled it because I wasn't sure the different between dizzy, lightheaded and vertigo.
Loki & I
  • The stuff around me is moving.  Sometimes it just randomly moves.  Other times I turn my head a certain way.  Or I blink and when I open my eyes it is moving.  Only lasts a few second then returns to normal again.  This happens when I'm standing or sitting, but not when I'm laying down.  - This is vertigo.
  • When vertigo happens I feel like I'm going to fall down.  Or pass out, or hit the floor.  It's scary, especially at work.  I don't want to fall. - This is lightheadedness.
I feel like I'm drunk.  I went to a dinner this past Saturday.  I didn't drink or dance, or do any type of moving around really.  Just sat there.  I planned on drinking but didn't feel good all day and when I went to the bathroom I couldn't get the bathroom to stop moving.  I figured mixing booze and my current state wouldn't turn out well.  (PS it was an 80's party.  I added some photos since I'm normally bad about that.)

I've tried Sea Band, Dramamine and ginger ale.  Nothing works.  I don't know where it is coming from.  My shitty lagging pregnancy symptoms, surgery, future ear infection on the way, trauma?  If anyone has any tips on how to make it go away they will be greatly appreciated.  My appointment with my primary doctor isn't for a couple weeks for this.


  1. Crystal davis-pepperJanuary 31, 2012 at 6:30 AM

    Ok sooo i think that i can relate here. i have had dizziness for a couple of weeks. at first i thought it was from the fact that i had a major ear infection, but now that the ear infection is done and reading this i feel maybe it is due to the vitex. idk how to stop it but like you said laying down is the only thing to give me comfort. i feel like im drunk all the time and i get confused very easily when im dizzy.. are those symptoms of yours??? also my dizziness is basically constant

    -Crystal Davis-Pepper-

    1. It started when I first do pregnant. Before I restarted Vitex.

  2. crystal davis-pepperJanuary 31, 2012 at 8:02 PM

    hmm i wonder what is wrong with me then :(

  3. I had major dizziness as well when I got pregnant. I'd be lying on the bed and the room kept spinning. It went on for a few nights until I lost the baby. Have no idea what it could be related to though. I hope the Vitex works for you again!

    1. I Googled it when I was pregnant. I guess it is early morning sickness or a replacement for morning sickness in some women.


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