Friday, January 27, 2012

Day Two


Nothing too bad yet.  

I had some mild cramping today, not anything worse than menstrual cramps.  I took some Iburprofen before returning to work today incase I got stuck and even more pain.  

I'm doing better than I thought with the Doxycycline.  Last night I got it down fine by taking it before a meal.  No nausea or vomiting.  This morning the same.  But tonight I began getting nauseous about an hour after taking it.  I laid down and my stomach felt better.  This is also a drug you are not supposed to take with food.  Fuck that.  I say it doesn't matter.  It stays in my stomach, that is all that should matter.

Bleeding is like a light period.  I get a few drops and then nothing for a few more hours.  I was excepting worse.  I bought a bunch of heavy overnight pads for this special event.  (I can't use normal pads anymore, I ether bleed out the front or bleed out the back.  Not sure why since I have a small frame.)  I've moved to pantiliners since I can't use tampons.  Not sure why it is so light, I heard heavy for a week or two.  Maybe this is all I have, or the rest is coming for me soon, or they got it all out during the D&C.

I'm hoping for the pregnancy hormones to get out of me sooner rather than later.  I'm still really exhausted.  Come 9 or 10PM I start going downhill quick.  My boobs are still sore, not as bad as before and at night.  My dizziness is still there.  

My next "pregnancy test" is Thursday.  Nothing like one of those appointments you have to drag your feet to.  I honestly was thinking of skipping out on this experience all together until the RE mentioned some "rare" condition where not all of the placenta is removed and buries itself into the uterine wall.  Not sure the name since this was right before I was drugged.  But I agreed to test out the hCG because I don't want baby chunks inside me.  There, he scared me.

I need to change my Post-op appointment because I found out I work that morning.  Not like it matters. I'm not going forward with injectable anytime soon.  And I don't think the RE requested testing on the baby, least not with my consent.  If it was really big news the RE would have told us something before we left the surgery center, instead we got an "everything looks good" which I was drugged for and don't remember.

My biggest excitement for this cycle is testing out my new fertility monitor.  I started this morning, being CD2 and all... kinda.  I can't use the internal part for another week or so.  No penis', no tampons, no fingers, no special rubber toys, no internal vag readers for at least 7 days.  Those things are all "dirty".  No dirt in vagina.  

I did return to work today.  I just was told not to lift anything heavy, and something else maybe.  Anyways I survived.  



  1. Hi hon,
    I'm gonna get all M/C technical on you, sorry. :-(
    Just a warning - expect some pain tomorrow or the day after, because your lady parts will start to realize there's nothing in there and shrink accordingly. After my D&C I had spotting and light cramps for a couple of days, and then 24 hours of TORTURE as my ute shrank. I hope that doesn't happen for you - but I figured it's better to have a heads up!
    Oh - and CD 1 should technically be when HCG reaches 0 - so don't freak out if you ovulate a bit later than usual.
    Hang in there! Don't forget to take care of yourself!

    1. Thank you! I haven't had really any pain yet though.


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