Sunday, January 29, 2012

Pregnancy Checklist for Fertiles & Infertiles

On another blog recently I saw a checklist for an infertile who recently got pregnant after a miscarriage in the past.  It was pretty much her detailed list of things that needed to be accomplished before that baby could arrive. 

Before I become infertile if I had to make a list it would include things list "buy baby stuff" or "paint baby room."  I looked at this women's list and saw "maintain cardiac activity" written several times.  It didn't matter about what shade of pink the walls were, she just wanted a healthy baby.  I think sometimes we take that for granted.  

So I have a checklist for fertiles AND infertiles.  Keep in mind this is VERY bias towards infertility (hence the blog).  So don't take it to heart.  But in my eyes this is how I see the world right now.

Infertile Fertile
Week 1 Maybe this is my turn after waiting several years.  Maybe some more fertility drugs.  Google, buy, & try new set of products that someone told you would work to get you pregnant.  Maybe this is my turn after waiting a cycle or two.
Week 2 Lots of OPKs, more drugs, maybe IUI/IVF. Vagina + Penis Time.
Week 3 Google every early pregnancy symptom you can think of.  Take a few HPT just in case you get an early +. La la la...
Week 4 +HPT, have blood pregnancy test beta #1 taken, worry about miscarriage, worry about beta #2 not going up quickly enough, worry about ectopic pregnancy.  Keep taking HPTs to make sure line is getting darker. Hmm, late period.
Week 5 First ultrasound, look for multiple babies, hope to see SOMETHING, worry about baby growing, worry about no heartbeat found, worry about miscarriage, worry beta #3 doesn't go up enough. +HPT, announce to EVERYONE you know, including Facebook
Week 6 Second ultrasound, look for heartbeat, again worry about growing, heart, miscarriage, and find some other things to worry about. Again make sure everyone knows. Call OBGYN, they won't see you 'til 8 or 12 weeks. :(
Week 7 Repeat week 6 for third ultrasound.  Make sure heart is still beating.  Take trip to ER because you think your spotting equals miscarriage. Start baby shopping.
Week 8 Forth ultrasound.  Baby still alive?  Write birth plan. La, la, la?
Week 9 You are so grateful for morning sickness.  This means my baby is healthy. Complain to everyone how horrible you feel with morning sickness.
Week 10 Baby still alive?  Graduate to OBGYN.  This is bittersweet.  Tell OB you ovulated January 13th at 11:30AM.  Get a very confused look. First OBGYN appointment.  Complain about something.  Maybe having to get a pap smear. Tell OB you can't remember what your LMP was.  What's LMP?
Week 11 Worry about miscarriage.  Another trip to ER. Start thinking about baby shower.
Week 12 Baby still alive?  I love throwing up. First ultrasound, cell phone picture of ultrasound on Facebook before I even get home.  I hate throwing up.
Week 13 Out of first trimester.  Odds of miscarriage decrease. Happy to be throwing up less.
Week 14 Worry about cervical incompetence. Worry who to invite to baby shower.
Week 15 Baby still alive? Shopping?
Week 16 Yes I need maternity clothes!  Look at that bump!Worry about getting fat & needing maternity clothes.  
Week 17 Re-read baby & pregnancy book for third time. Buy pregnancy book.
Week 18 Worry about something. La, la, la?
Week 19 Gender ultrasound.  Is my baby OK?  Does it have all limbs and organs?   Gender ultrasound.  I really want a ____.
Week 22 Worry baby isn't moving enough. Buy stuff.
Week 24 Chances of baby surviving out of womb are higher now, if I went into labour early. La, la, la?
Week 25 More tests?  Yes!  Is my baby healthy? I hate the ____ test!
Week 26 Pay off expensive fertility treatment loan. Buy expensive baby stuff.
Week 27 I wish I could have a free baby like fertiles. All this baby stuff is really expensive.
Week 28 I love feeling the baby kick so I know it's OK. This baby kicking is painful.  Soccer player on the way?
Week 29 Bedrest?  Sure, as long as my baby is healthy. Yell at the 16 year old cashier at Babies"R"Us for something stupid & you'll regret later.  Dam hormones.
Week 30 Finally take baby bin out of basement that you've been saving for the last few years. Set up baby's room.
Week 35 Hard time sleeping, but at least my baby is healthy. So uncomfortable.  I want this baby out of me soon.
Week 36 Maybe I should of had a baby shower.  But I always hated those things.  Nevermind, something threw me a surprise shower anyways. :/ Use few giftcards I got for baby items.  
Week 37 Worry about baby being stillborn, or something wrong with it. Worry about baby being stillborn, or something wrong with it.
Week 38 I can't wait to met my baby.   I want this baby out of me NOW.
Week 39 La, la, la. Employ the help of your whole Facebook friends list on how to induce labor.
Week 40 La, la, la.   After a few false alarms, finally in labor & delivery.
Baby Week 1 My baby is amazing. My baby is amazing.



  1. I love you for this.

  2. This was perfectly the way I see things too! Thanks for sharing makes me feel that I am not alone in the way that I feel about pregnant friends. I told my husband the other day how excited I would be to have morning sickness when if I ever get that chance again.

    1. I agree with you. I couldn't wait for my morning sickness to start. I got worried because I wasn't throwing up. I was always told morning sickness = healthy pregnancy.

  3. Crystal Davis-PepperJanuary 30, 2012 at 8:02 AM

    I love this. seriously should share it.. you are amazing for what you have gone through!

  4. This was great! Thanks for the chuckle. :)

  5. Love this - Too true and i agree with it 100%
    Stay strong sweetie thinking of you x

  6. This is freakin awesome. It really made me smile. Thanks! I needed that :)


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