Sunday, January 15, 2012

Cervical Stenosis

No new news.  I thought after I started spotting last night that would be the end.  I feared waking up this morning.  But since it has been all day and no spotting or cramping at all.  I did take a pregnancy test (like I mentioned before I have about 100 of them under my bathroom sink because they come with every OPK I order).  The line is now lighter than the control. :(  Meaning my hCG levels are dropping.  I think this baby is gone.  

I thought I would mention why I am all for D&C from my last post.  This is a TMI post, warning now.  I have Cervical Stenosis.  When I was 19 I developed Cervical Dysplasia, abnormal cell growth on my cervix.  It is what is between normal cell growth and cancer, sometimes called pre-cancer.  I had a LEEP to remove these cells.  A LEEP is great because it is the most effective treatment of all the ones out there for dysplasia.  Most people only need one to get rid of the cells, except if you are unlucky.  When I was 24 my dysplasia came back and I went for my second LEEP.  This one didn't go over so well.  

I noticed the few times I did get my period I was in extreme pain.  I'd bleed red for a day, then brown.  It was followed by extreme cramps.  Eventually I would start bleeding red again with tons of clots, but the pain would go away.  One time I remember the pain being so bad I could barely walk but my husband forced me to.  All of a sudden my pants felt so warm and wet.  I thought I peed only to go into the bathroom and find tons of blood.

I mentioned this to my past OBGYN and she passed me off like some other crazy women complaining about mild cramps.  Then in a pap smear she couldn't find my cervix.  When she finially did she mentioned it was very scarred.  

Over the next year I learned I have a condition called Cervical Stenosis.  This is a very rare risk to having a LEEP (or two) done.  My cervix is mainly scar tissue now.  Like most scar tissue it is much tougher than the original.  The opening in my cervix is very narrow.  

When I get my period and it starts to clot then my cervix "clogs" and doesn't allow anything to pass, so my flow up stops.  But my uterus is still going, it cramps more and more causing extreme presure.  Eventually the "flood gates" open and all is well again.

Also many procedures where tubes are inserted past my cervix are painful.  Last September my HSG got canceled after the RE could not insert the small tube into my uterus.

I'm assuming a 6 week old embryo and everything that goes with it is larger than the standard clot.  I'm worried my cervix will not know to dilate, or do anything to let this thing pass easily.  I'm worried about the pain.  I'd rather be knocked out and have a D&C.  I'm going to talk to the RE when I go in for Tuesday's u/s.

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