Thursday, November 17, 2011

The Good & What's Next

The Good Stuff:
  • It's CD2, my body for the second cycle in a row has managed to get AF without Provera.
  • A CD30 cycle.  Last cycle it was CD31.  (Normal is CD21-35, average is CD28.  Too short then LP problem, too long then no O.)  Two cycles only a day apart in length is good, and amazing for me.  It almost seems too good to be true.  (Clomid I was CD29 & CD31.)
  • Ovulation was CD15.  (Normal is CD11-17, average is CD14.  Too short or too long then lower quality eggs.)  Good enough for me!  (Clomid I was CD 16 & CD18.)
  • Luteal Phase (LP) was 15dpo.  (Normal is 12-16dpo, average is 14dpo.)  The longer the better since there is more time for the lining to develop & egg implant.  (Clomid I was 13dpo.)
  • Post O side effects = high hormones = good.
  • Progesterone 10.6.
  • We have decided against injectables for this cycle.  I'm not 100% sure what my insurance will cover, even though $500 is pretty cheap if we had to pay it out of pocket.  I'm really not looking forward to sticking needles in my body.  And the side effects will most likely suck.
  • I'm going to stick with the Vitex.  I'm not sure if that is what is fixing me, if something else is, or if my body is getting its act together.  But whatever it is I'm not going to change it.  
  • As long as I stick in the "normal" range then I'll stay away from injectables and the RE.  
  • Psychic Cheri22 told me August for a birth date.  Meaning O November 9th to December 9th.


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