Monday, November 7, 2011

Great Progesterone Test!

I went for my CD21 (really CD22) 7dpo progesterone test today to check to see if I have ovulated.

For my body to be doing something, even at the bare minimum crappy level: 3.3-5 ng/mL

Fertile women on a unmedicated cycle (no fertility drugs): 10

Infertile women on fertility drugs: 15+

So far on fertility drugs I've gotten: 1.7 and a number too low they never bothered to tell me.

I got a 10.6 ng/mL today!

Like a normal person, with two ovaries that actually work.  And no fertility drugs.

It's not super high, but it's "functioning" so I'll take it.

Thinking of holding off on injectables.
- Selbe
CD22, 7dpo

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  1. That's a fabulous number! Way to go ovaries!!! Congrats, friend!


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