Monday, July 18, 2011

Baby Psychic Cheri22

I got my reading today from Cheri22.
"They show you guys having a GIRL and they relate her to August so this is either birth month, conceive month or the month you find out in."
For the last couple years I wanted a girl.  Up until then I was undecided.  My baby dreams always involed having a girl.   Since then almost everyone I know has had a girl.  Now I'm eh about it.  There are so many baby girls, maybe a boy would be better?  Since my dreams show a boy.  But then again I could careless at this point.

I'm going to go with this August NOT being the conceived month, just with how this cycle is working out.  November gives me much more time to figure out my brokeness.
"When it comes to your daughter I am seeing her as someone who "lives for the moment" Shes a bit excitable, and always seems to bring this intense energy with her. You can't help but notice it and always feel the same excitement she does with anything that she finds to be fun. Shes just this child that seems to have a "silly side' always bringing out the inner child in anyone. I am seeing her as someone who is always going trust in her gut, and seems to make the right decision for the most part. Is going to be the type of person who forgives easily and just wants everyone to be happy. Shes good judge of character and always surrounds herself with people who are loving and supportive. Shes a team player with everything she does and finds it difficult to be friends with someone who thinks that they are "everything". Shes pretty good about letting those type of friendships "drift"."
This sounds like me.  Except easily forgive, I'm good at holding grudges and will remember just how you screwed me over three years from now.  Errr sorry, kind of.
"When it comes to your daughter, she's going to love ice cream. You are going to find her to be an "old soul" the type that kinda is always going to want to do things for herself. Prefers to do things from scratch and loves to learn things from the bottom up. You are going to find her to be the type that would love to make bread.. not buying the instant bread stuff, but getting the ingredients, shaping the dough by hand and making it herself. Always going to consider herself to be a bit of a homemaker. Always loving to bake,cook...etc. Shes always helping out with the housework without you even having to ask (especially in her mid to late teens). They show her being very protective of her family (They show you guys with two girls and one boy in total). I get the impression that shes the type to always look out for everyone and sometimes a bit more involved than she needs to be."
I love ice cream!  I'll even make my own.  Unfortunately I'm a pretty horrible cook.  I grew up with microwaved food after my mum left.  But Bean comes from a family that loves to cook (Italian).  He usually makes dinner most nights.  I'm decent with baking though.

Not sure where this whole two girls and a boy are coming from.  I already feel like my body is a mess.  I don't even what to think about going through this again for baby #2, let alone #3.  I always wanted a protective family though.  I always felt pushed off to the side going up.
"For career paths, they show at first something to do with a "store" of some sort, and give the impression its linked to family. So unsure if this is something owned by the family already, or will, or even linked to her husband.... They also show her linked to architecture (more so linked to the color schemes, the insides..etc.)."
When I was dating one of the things I used to look for is a college education.  Please have a bachelor's degree in something, I don't care what.  Same goes from my children.  I don't care what they do, but please go to college and get a degree in something, again I don't care what.

I actually just got a job in a store, I think, if they don't find out about my drug addiction.  Nothing really exciting, just something part-time to keep me busy and my mind off this mess.  Plus insurance doesn't cover IUI/IVF if I were to ever need one, someone has to pay for it.  (But they cover a whole fucking pregnancy which pisses me off.  Nice for everyone else.)
"When it comes to marriage I am seeing her closer to 26. They will have two girls and one boy of their own."
CD28, no AF

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  1. Ever try Elisabeth? She is another baby psychic.


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