Monday, October 31, 2011

Day 4

I went back to work on Sunday.  We actually lost power due to an freak October snow storm and I got put in the back stocking shelves because I was not needed.  I was able to lift most of the heavy things.  Only a few things over 30 or 40lbs. I couldn't do.  Cat litter, water and all the normal heavy stuff I am able to lift (I impressed one guy by putting his 25 lb. weights in his cart for him).  My uterus was cramping Sunday and yesterday my back was hurting a lot, but nothing too bad that I need pain meds.  

And we hired a pregnant women.  One of "them".  The other side.  A fertile.  I'm not too pleased by this and I was really enjoying working with the older ladies that have already gone through menopause and the high school students.  I thought I'd be somewhat safe.  But I'm trying to be nice.  I asked about her fetus, when it was due and such.  Though every time I ask her something about the baby it turns into listening to her talk about it for five minutes.  That's way too long for this infertile.  I'm hoping to just not see her often.  I did send her to do something else far, far away from me Sunday.  

The bandaids were removed on Saturday.  The hole in my navel is still a little bloody and my lower one is scabbed over.  Navel piercing has closed. :(  I also have a large bruise under my navel and on my hand from the IV.  The incisions are not too painful though but every once and awhile I bump it and it becomes sore.

Gas bubbles are a bitch though.  I've been sleeping sitting up on my couch the last couple days.  Laying down causes the bubbles to go to my shoulders.  I've dragged my king size down comfortable out to it along with a bunch of pillows.  I just tried to lay down a little while ago and I didn't get any shoulder pain so I'm going to try the bed tonight.

I can even feel the bubbles if I press on my stomach.  I made Bean do it too because he thought I was insane.  The bloating is starting to go down too.

I've only taken Ibuprofen so far (mainly for the shoulder).  No Oxycontin yet.

I'm going to go with the +OPK on Sunday as being real.  I didn't get anymore + digital ones, but the cheap ones have been +.  Now they are slowly getting lighter.  When they are false positives they get dark, light, dark, light over and over again, not gradual.  If this is so AF will arrive the 13/14th.  

My post-op is Thursday for the RE to figure out what to do with me next.  Ether injections plus another drug like Clomid, IUI or IVF.  But I'm almost temped to just wait it out and keep taking my Vitex.  If two cycles that are fairly regular happen with just the Vitex I'd rather just keep taking that and try naturally.  The side effects are way less and it's a whole hell of lot fucking cheaper.  Maybe I'll get knocked up like a normal person?  

This cycle is a BFN though.  I tried my best to get Bean to have sex with me, even though we are not supposed to until at least Thursday.  Things I have tried:
  • jerking him off
  • giving him head
  • got naked & showed him my boobs (this usually works)
  • got in my favorite position
  • offered to do some turkey baster trick (though I don't think we actually own a turkey baster, & now no one is going to come over for Thanksgiving after reading this)
  • offered to have him come in a Softcup & insert it in me
  •  told him to just come on my outsides & maybe some of the swimmers would make their way up (health class told me I could get PG this way)
Yup nothing worked.  Officially mark it as a loss.  I've heard you're are supposed to be more fertile after an HSG since the dye cleans out the tubes or something.  Not sure how true that is but I was hoping to try it out.  The crazy psychic told me August would be my month, which means a baby convinced in November-ish time.  I still have time! 

CD16, OPK-

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