Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Day 6

My post-op is tomorrow afternoon and the stitches come out!

My "happy trail" has developed a bruise.  It's looks more painful than it actually is.  My arm also has a bruise from the IV.

I'm really in no pain.  I've taken about 5 Ibuprofen since surgery day and 0 Oxycontin.  I should just sell the Oxycontin to pay my medical bills.  That seems like the smart thing to do if it wasn't illegal.

Every once and awhile I bump it and there is some soreness.  Nothing bad because I often forget about it and bump it again five minutes later.

My tight work pants are annoying against it.  However most of my jeans are too big on me and I'm fine in those.

I tell random people I know and some strangers that I had surgery on my stomach, then show them my incision or bruises.  Some tend to be pretty grossed out.  Oh well.

I can sleep laying down now.  Yay!

I still like pressing my stomach gas bubbles. (This much be the only time I feel something move in my stomach, fetus not tapeworm, let me enjoy it.)

I'd take this over an HSG any day.

I want to see if the RE will do a CD21 progesterone test to see if I actually did O on my own, and that it was strong enough.


CD17, 2DPO

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