Monday, August 29, 2011

More Bloodwork

So it's the 29th (CD32) and AF never showed up.  No surprise there.  I go to the RE tomorrow for BW to check my betas (AKA pregnancy test), I'm sure that will be 0.  And my progesterone level, I'm sure that will be 0 also, or close to it.

They are more precautions.  If I'm given Provera and I am PG, then there is a higher risk of birth defects or miscarrage.  Although I have yet to find much research on it.  Progesterone is to check to see if I O'ed between CD19 when I gave up on the OPKs and now.  I'm sure I never did because I had no 2ww symptoms.

And I have to have this done at 7am, before I show up to work at 8.  So really just more needles and shitty lab results, nothing out of the ordinary there.

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