Thursday, August 18, 2011

First RE Appointment

HSG - Source
The plan:
  • Wait 'til August 29th to see if AF shows up on her own.
    • This probably won't happen.  The 29th is CD32 for me.  I haven't had a period that short (and un-medicated) in two years.  I'll need Provera... again.
  • CD3 
    • Bloodwork - Looking at insulin levels to try to diagnose PCOS.
    • Ultrasound - To look at my ovaries, or something.
  • ~CD8
    • Hysterosalpingogram (HSG) - Checking to see is my fallopian tubes are blocked or other problems in my uterus & tubes.  
  • Another SA
    • Bean gets to jerk off in a cup again.  I guess the testing is more in depth here, or they just want more of our money.
Dr. H was OK, still think I like Dr. S better.  He didn't show up 'til after my appointment time.  And I felt kind of rushed.  He talked fast and I got a little confused.  But a nurse sat down with me later and went over it all again.  I read this is pretty common in his reviews from other patients online.

I liked that the waiting room wasn't filled with pregnant women.  That's my favorite thing to do at the OBGYN, look at the young PG women, judge and give dirty looks in their direction.  There was only one other couple in the waiting room and they were in their 40's.  I felt better that I'm not the only broken one.  "Great these people are just as fucked up as myself, I like them already."

There also wasn't any baby or parenting magazines.  What would be the point with a bunch of infertiles?  Instead they had Cosmo with "50 Sex Moves".  Because I guess "timed intercourse" becomes old quick so you need to spice it up.  That's more fitting than how to make your own baby food.

Oh Provera.  I can't wait for the 2x menstrual cramps and gross clotting.  I'll be induced for the third time this year, and probably another time after this evaluation cycle.

Dr. H said I most likely have PCOS.  But I've been saying that is probably what I have for over five years now, so that's not much of a shock.  I'd just get treatment for it now (Metformin) if I show to be insulin resistant.  I'm begining to wonder if this ties in with Diabetes.  No one in my family (that I know of) has PCOS.  But my mum's side has had a couple cases of Diabetes, both type 1 and 2.

The ultrasound seems simple and the same as the one I had a couple months ago.  Nothing too interesting there.

The HSG kind of worries me the most.  I hear it's nothing to some women with no pain at all, or the opposite and hell.  I'm most worried about the tube dilating my cervix than anything else.  He said this is the most painful fertility procedure, more so than IVF or IUI.  But is goes quick.  With Bean's work schedule he probably won't be able to go with me.  However, Dr. H said I could drive myself home right after.  And well if not, it's done at the local hospital and I can always hang out there until someone comes to get me.

I'm done with Clomid.  I was told if it doesn't work after three cycles, then give up.  So no more for me, or at least not for awhile.  And I was told to burn my BBTs because they looked that bad and are useless.  I guess that's one less thing I need to track each cycle.  

Bean gets a trip to the special "male room" to drop his crew off.  Only thing is they can only do it once a month at this location, which happens to be tomorrow.  Bean can't get off work or get a referral in time for our health insurance.  The other location is an hour away.

The biggest thing with all this crap is the time it takes.  Bean goes to work early and doesn't get out 'til late, so most offices open and close by then.  My new job is eventually going to get sick of my endless, and sometimes last minute, appointments.  I guess I could just call in "sick", but that would be a last resort.  This RE does have monitoring hours from 7-7:30AM every day but Sunday for BW & U/S.  This works out well for me since my job is literally 5 minutes down the road, and the earliest I ever have to be there is 8AM.

Dr. H does have hope for me.  I was told I have a 1 or 2% chance (or less) of conceiving naturally.  Ok that's not really that good.  But I'm young (26) and I should respond to fertility treatments well (but not Clomid I guess).



  1. I'm glad your appointment went well! Sounds like you have a good plan in place. If you have diabetes in your family, my guess is that you'll come back insulin resistant - that's exactly what happened to me. I actually am considered "borderline", but they put me on Met anyway. Maybe that's the only thing you'll need and it'll make all the difference! Fingers crossed!

  2. So glad you got your appt with RE and have a plan to move forward :) About the HSG - stop reading online right now. There are just horror stories out there, hardly a single one you'll see is a positive. I do know each of us experience something different, but mine wasn't bad. I've heard its bad if the tubes are blocked somehow. Take 2 Advil/Aleve/pain reliever a couple hours before your procedure just to help - that's what I did. My husband did go with me because I was scared to death from reading stories online, but it was fine. Its uncomfortable, there is some pressure but nothing was painful and honestly, I've had an IUI that hurt worse when my RE had to 'straighten my cervix'. You'll do great :)

    Oh and I did 3 rounds Clomid with my OB, 5 rounds with my RE and finally this last round he switched me to Femara along with Gonal-F injections for an IUI and that's what got us pregnant. I've heard other success stories from Femara instead of Clomid too - so switching now sounds great for you!!

  3. Blog catch-up HAHA

    That's a good point about the diabetes question. My Mom also has diabetes, but hers was supposedly brought on by a bad batch of medicine from the Army. You should ask about that. What's your dose of met? They don't joke around when they say start out slow btw. And prepare to drop a couple pounds. But it won't be pleasantly lost HAHA [Met upsets your tummy at first]

    I did found out this recent TX trip that most likely my grandmother had PCOS, but of course wouldn't have known. She was able to have my dad, but only him, and ended up with a lot of problems to the point they decided the one was enough and she had her lady stuff removed. So maybe someone did have it and never knew?

    Anyways glad they are now taking a different approach.

  4. OMG And PS This is my first time seeing the new design! LOVE Haha

  5. I'm not on Met yet. I'll get the BW to check to see if I'm insulin resistant probably in early September, then put me on it if I am. But my last doctor told me I didn't "look" like I have PCOS, like physically. And I have zero cysts so they never did further PCOS testing or treatment.

    And I don't mind being skinny again. With all the times I've spent at the gym in the past few years I've lost zero pounds. I just figure I gain more muscle than fat I lose. And maybe the muscles are hiding under the fat or something. Haha.

    And I'm lactose intolerant, I'm used to my tummy and intestines feeling like crap, and ummm... yeah.

    My mum had me when she was 31 and I'm an only child. Not sure if that was by choice or PCOS. But during that "becoming a women" talk she mentioned the whole 28 day thing, so I guess she wouldn't lie. :/


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