Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Lab Results 8/30

I got my BW tests today in 8 hours!  The results at my OBGYN take over a week.  So the results at CD33:

Beta HCG (PG test) - negative 
Progesterone (O test) - really bad

I did "amazing" like always.  I actually don't know the numbers since the nurse only left a voicemail.  They are starting me on Provera tomorrow.  I assume the progesterone results were that bad if they are giving up on ovulation all together this cycle and just going with Provera.  I keep thinking, "fuck, my ovaries can't even do their job when they are on fertility drugs."  I wonder what it's like to be fertile.  You know, release an egg each month and then get your period two weeks later.  Even at Clomid 150mg I still had zero eggs.  It's like my ovaries didn't even try.

These results were not much of a shock since I said this would happen yesterday.  Not like I'm disappointed, crying, or anything, more pissed at my useless ovaries.

I was talking with a co-worker this morning about my already shitty day.  Not too bad happened, just a bunch of small stuff and pretty much everything I touch gets pooped on.  She asked what my blood tests were for.  Fuck!  So I told her the truth, pregnancy & progesterone, and that it was just an precautions for putting me on a different drug.  I just didn't go into tons of details.  I really don't care if people know what's wrong with me, you never know who you'll met that is just as broken as you.  But sometimes I do care what people will think, especially older women.  The whole getting knocked up while in stirrups and shooting yourself up with needles really doesn't sound natural.  That or people feeling bad for me or looking down at myself.  So I don't tell a whole lot of people.

I woke up with a sore throat today.  This doesn't happen too often since I had my tonsils removed five years ago.  I sucked it up and went to work, where my throat began hurting worse.  I then learned most of the people I work with are also sick.  Fuck!  I came home and took a nap but woke up feeling even worse.  My sore throat is going away, but I'm now becoming a snotty mess.  Oh the joys of socializing with other germ carrying beings.  What was I thinking getting a part-time job?  Oh right, expensive RE appointments.
CD33, no O, BFN


  1. Yay for quick lab results - always awesome! Anyway, just some hope...I took 3 rounds of Clomid 150mg with my OBGYN, never got my period, never got an positive OPK. When I finally went to RE, he kept me on Clomid 150mg for 4 IUI cycles...turns out I was producing follicles with Clomid, but they weren't releasing on their own, so I had to take the HCG trigger shot to stimulate ovulation. We had a chemical, but I finally had success with Femara and low dose Gonal-F injections + trigger shot and IUI. You are on the right path!!! :)

  2. Thinking about you today. I'm sorry your labs sucked :( I'm also sorry to hear you aren't feeling the best. Sore throats are the WORST. Hope you start to feel better soon. I'm headed to the RE in 2 weeks so we'll get to trade more war stories. It will be our time soon :)

  3. @Stephanie: I'm wonder if this is happening with me. I never had an U/S for my five cycles of Clomid, so not sure what was happening in there. But I only got a +OPK 2 out of the 5 times, and nether resulted in BFP. Sure two chances to get PG isn't a lot. But I'm wondering if my ovaries are producing eggs and just not releasing them, or they are poor quality eggs. But it looks like the next step for me is injectables.

  4. @Katie: I'm excited to see what path they lead you down. Have you already had an HSG?


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