Monday, July 18, 2011

AF Doesn't Give Warning When Visiting

I'm just not good with changes in my hormones.  Birth control, Clomid, whatever, it tends to equal nausea, and sometimes vomiting or dizziness.  Maybe I just have a weak stomach.  But when I get a BFP I'm sure morning sickness will come find me with force.

I remember one day last cycle I woke, drove to the car dealership, sat in their waiting room for an hour and was still nauseous.  I ended up taking Dramamine is fear of vomiting all over the show room carpet.  *sigh*  Yesterday (CD26) I went on a whale watch.  I don't know what I was thinking.  For those of you that haven't been on a whale watch before, small boat way out in the ocean for several hours tends to equal sea sickness.  I forgot about this until I got on the boat and left my Dramamine (something I carry everywhere with me, along with the pocket vibrator & Basic Instinct) at home.  If anyone is going to be vomiting over the side of this boat, it's going to be me.  I spent five hours bobbing up and down in the ocean and I didn't even get the tiniest bit nauseous.  What the fuck?  I don't think my hormones are up to par this cycle = Clomid didn't work.

Atlantic White-sided Dolphins swimming in ocean
Whale Watch! These are actually
Atlantic White-sided Dolphins. 
TMI warning.  Last month a friend asked what signs I have that AF is on her way.  Umm what?  Normally nothing.  My cramps don't start 'til after I start bleeding, and I don't get sore boobs or anything along those lines.  Just one random day my underwear feels wet.  A trip to the bathroom shows bright red blood everywhere (I ruin many pairs of panties this way.)  Sometimes I get psyched out by an abundance of CM or lots of sweating.  AF shows up when my uterine lining becomes too heavy for my uterus to support.  I have no warning.  Except with hormones.  BC I get angry three days before.  Clomid I get the nauseous, sensitive nips and off & on cramping the two weeks before.  Not sure if these things are a blessing or a curse.

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