Monday, July 2, 2012

Tattoo Ideas

I increased my Metformin to 1000mg today.  I haven't had any bad side effects.  One day of diarrhea which was more like an mild lactose intolerant attack.  Any other side effect I can push off as having too much dairy.    

Bean's last two cryopreservations only resulted in one vial each time.  I found out why is because it is washed before frozen, cutting down on space.  We currently owe SRM $500 and have two vials in the freezer.

I thought I'd share the tattoo idea I had.  I like the wings, I like the footprint (though I only want one, not two) and I like the halo but in blue.  The one in the picture is very small, I'd like 3 or 4 times the size of it.  I don't want any names or dates on it though.  Now I just have to find a tattoo place I trust, being new to the area in all.

I added some photos from our hike last weekend.  This is the Spruce Railroad Trail on Lake Crescent outside of Port Angeles, WA.

Bean & Loki

Blue water

Blue water




Selbe & Loki

For all those Twilight fans out there

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  1. I like that tattoo idea, its really neat. As for tattoo places, I'd recommend doing some online searches and find places in your area. Many tattoo studios have websites now where you can check out their portfolios. You also can often find many reviews for certain studios or artists. Then before you make the appointment check out the studio, ask about their sterilization and cleaning procedures, etc. Usually each artist also has portfolios of their work that you can look at there as well. Artists all tend to specialize in certain things, so looking at their work will give you an idea of what they really excel at. And in talking to the actual tattoo artists themselves will give you an idea on if you will be comfortable letting them tattoo you. In talking to people who have tattoos that have lived in that area for a while might also be helpful, they could give you ideas on which places are good. The process itself isn't too bad. I have a fair number of tattoos and I never thought getting them was all too painful. I don't know where on the body you plan to get it done at, but if you opt to ever get any on your feet or ankle area you will end up having to get them touched up every 5-10 years just because your shoes/socks will rub on it and that wears the color down faster than if it were elsewhere on the body. The area you live in is beautiful, I'm jealous of all the beautiful trees!


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