Tuesday, June 26, 2012

The Teef

Ovary Pain

Bean and I went on a 9mi/14km walk this past weekend.  I mentioned out of all things that my ovaries hurt (yeah not my legs).  Actually my right ovary.  I might have a lot of follicles there, or maybe just a cyst acting up.  I did my OPKs and they are pretty dark for CD11.  Not sure if there is a good thing or because of my PCOS and having high LH levels.  


I called my mum this morning.  Recently I decided to let her know more about my fertility problems so I talked about my ultrasounds.  She asked me why so many U/S and so I talked about my missing periods (she already knew about that) and my PCOS.  Then she told me I was lucky... because I don't get AF anymore.  Hmm, I don't feel so "lucky".

My mum just doesn't get it.

New Dentist

Today was my first appointment at my new dentist.  Every time I move I have to find new doctors, it really sucks.  Anyways I went on my insurance website and picked a random one.  Come to find out this general dentist also specializes in cosmetic dentistry.  They kept asking me what I'd like to change about my teeth.  I really just went in for a cleaning.

I have an appointment in a couple weeks for a cleaning.  I'm also having the chip in my tooth fixed, bonding it's called.  It's not that bad, I don't really even need to get it fixed since he said it will smooth out eventually.  More of my choice.  

Not Mine - Source
I had my back teeth sealed years ago when I was about 11.  I'm not sure how common it is, Bean had it done when he was younger also.  Everyone else I've mentioned it to looks at me like I'm insane.  Dental sealant is when they fill the indents in your back molars to prevent cavities.   My seals have begun to wear away and the indents are turning dark (pre-cavities).  I am going to have them re-sealed.  It seemed to work all these years.  I haven't had any cavities yet, despite the fact I haven't been to a dentist in two years.  

My wisdom teeth are still impacted.  Bean has always been one of those people that think if you have wisdom teeth that they have to be removed.  I'm pretty sure everyone in his family has had theirs taken out by age 16.  I'm someone who fears the process of cutting open the gun, cracking the tooth in a bunch of pieces and then taking it out piece by piece.  Even with all the other surgeries I've had done having wisdom teeth removed still freaks me out.  Anyways my top two look fulling formed, facing down but stuck in the bone.  I was told about 10 years ago they would erupt soon.  They are sitting in the exact same spot.  My bottom right is fully form and facing the wrong way.  It will never come through the gum.  My bottom left is missing, which happens sometimes.  I just wasn't born with the bud, I'm told it has to do with evolution.  Even with Bean edging me to have them removed I so far have been told by two different dentists to just leave them unless with cause problems.  I win for now.  I'm past the average age for the teeth to come in (27) and due to the lack of movement they have done in the past decade it is estimated that they will never erupt in my lifetime.   

I've been pretty lucky with my teeth considering I have no cavities (even when I forgot to make cleaning appointment for years) and my wisdom teeth are missing.  I also never lost all my baby teeth. My guess is at least four remain.  I was slow at loosing the teeth to begin with.  My last one was lost at 12 and then had to wait two more years 'til I was 14 before they gave up waiting and slapped braces on them.  My X-Ray at 16 when the braces were removed showed several adult teeth buds still in the gum.  The buds have since dissolved over the years.  Even with my fertility and the hearing/allergy mess I got pretty lucky with my teeth.  At least something in this body worked out right.

For the teeth cleaning, chip repair and sealing it is going to cost me $400 that my insurance will not pay for.  That's fine.

My Actual Bottom Teeth
And then there are my chocked teeth, mainly the bottom.  They are not too bad since I had metal braces and a few other appliances in my teens.  My teeth were really bad before then, I have overcrowding issues.  But my retainers no longer fit and the teeth have begun shifting.  The dentist was looking at another type of braces for my bottom teeth.  Not the big metal ones I had years ago (where my only hope of looking "cool" with them was changing the colours each visit), but clear ones similar to Invisalign.  Except they'll be permanently attached.  The cost is $2,500 which my insurance covers nothing of.  I'm still on the fence about it.  You really can't see the difference in photos.  But they will also never get any better, possibly worse.  We are still deciding.  

Garden Trip

Last week I took a walk to a local garden and thought I'd post some photos.  This is The Bloedel Reserve on Bainbridge Island, WA.

Snow Covered Mountains (in June)


Japanese Garden



  1. "Lucky"? Yeah, your mom doesn't get it.

    Gorgeous pics! So peaceful and green.

  2. With your teeth I don't know how much they think your bottom teeth will move over the years, but if there is a chance that it could start to affect how your top teeth are aligned I would get it fixed. My bottom teeth are way worse than yours, really I should of had at least one pulled when I was younger to get things aligned, but my parents refused to have it done, for me that is the only way to solve issues in my mouth, and so my teeth have never been aligned properly and now at almost age 30 my top teeth are still moving to accommodate the screwed up bottom ones. And for me having the top teeth shift around to accommodate the bottom ones gets rather painful at times and now none of my teeth are straight at all and to this day people still comment or make fun of me for my screwy teeth. I have to brave the dentist this summer and have some pulled, which I am not looking forward to because I hate dentists. Good luck with the dentist! And sorry your mom just doesn't understand things, some people just never get it and just never will be supportive.

  3. I hate the finding new doctors and someone to trust to cut my hair every time we move! I had mine sealed too, I guess you could say they worked instead of cavities on the top I got them on the sides because of all the space in between my teeth. I hate the idea of surgery and have had a few but the wisdom teeth didn't bother me for some reason. Never realized how much pain they were causing (I thought it was pain from braces) til I had them all removed. So much relief! Lol! Beautiful pictures!


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