Monday, July 2, 2012

Fertility Treatment is Elective

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Edward wants some new
tits too!
I am so fucking sick of women that have the same insurance company as myself asking if they cover cosmetic, plastic surgery, boob jobs or whatever the fuck else.  There is a rumor that they will cover one cosmetic surgery per life.  An exception I can think of is if you are in a car accident in need facial reconstruction.  Or you have large breast that cause back pain and other health problems.  

If you have A or B boobs and want them bigger, pay for them yourself.  Or lipo or a butt lift or whatever else you may hate about yourself.

And don't even use the "I feel negatively about myself and I'm depressed" excuse.  I have fat thighs, stretch marks, acne scars and my right boob is smaller than my left.  I'm not depressed and crying over those things.  Maybe I just have more depressing things to actually waste my time blowing snot about.

If my insurance company pays for someone to have D cups so they can feel better about themselves, well then they also need to pay for my whole IUI/IVF cycle.  Just saying.  

I'm so sick of fertility treatment getting put in the same group as plastic surgery, elective.  I didn't choose this, I didn't want to be infertile.  


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