Sunday, July 15, 2012

Random Update


I got teeth cleaned and repaired last Wednesday following my initial appointment a couple weeks ago.  The cleaning was the basic normal stuff, though they looked really clean for forgetting about them for the last two years.  The chip was an easy fix and now my tooth is all smooth again.  They did numb my mouth for the sealant, once on the right, once on the left.  I don't remember being numbed last time and I hate it.  My tongue flaps around in there with no control over it and I have no idea if I'm drooling or not.  He took the drill to each one of my teeth before putting the sealing in.  I was all good but one tooth it really bothered.  Not ouch pain but annoying.  They still hurt a tiny bit.


My nose has been insanely itchy the last couple days.  And my dog has started to shed.  Those are probably connected so I started taking my Clarinex again.  I really need to sit outside with him and brush his coat or vacuum him or something.  Maybe do some hardcore vacuuming around the house. 


I don't mind running but I hate being in the sun and heat.  I'm a little whiny bitch sometimes when it comes to being hot.  The sun has been out all week.  So I run at 10pm now, which is much cooler and I get better times.  A few of the roads have limited lighting and with cars coming I'm blinded.  I'm 99.9% sure one night I will run into a mailbox.  Just saying...

Vent #1 - Really Infertile

I hate when people tell me they can't have kids.  I'm not talking about PCOS, Endo, unexplained, etc.  Severe problems like missing female organs, ovaries for example (BS).  And they get pregnant (and give birth) before I do.  It's some sort of miracle from God.  But I stand there with my mouth wide open then shaking my head.  My thoughts: 
  1. I'm really, really screwed up on the inside if the women without a uterus gets PG before me
  2. They want people to feel bad for them
  3. They have a horrible doctor, lack basic medical knowledge and/or the ability to Google things
I'm going to go with #2, same cases #3.

Has anyone else met people like this?  I've had it happen several time.  

Vent #2 - Babies"R"Us

*sigh* I signed up for a Babies"R"Us registry last January for the items I couldn't find at Target.  Now that my "due date" is coming soon they have started calling me.  A couple weeks ago they wanted to welcome me and congratulating me on my upcoming addition.  I don't want to be congratulating.  Today the wanted to know if I got my sale coupons.  Call me one more fucking time and I will actually pick up the phone and tell my whole story.  Note to self:  Don't register with them next time.

Vent #3 - My Lil' Bump

While I was walking around Wal-Mart the other night I saw their maternity clothes that I never noticed before.  My Lil' Bump makes it sound so cute to be pregnant.  I got a quick glimpse of what type of women wear Wal-Mart's My Lil' Bump.  And it is not your 20 or 30's something married women with a house, job, SUV, dog, whatnot.  I could write a whole blog post about this with references to welfare, but I'm really not feeling bitter right now.  Nor do I really have to time to.  So I'll just drop it, but I did take a photo.


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