Friday, July 13, 2012

Switch to Femara

New Meds for a New Cycle

I called up yesterday for my Provera refill and the Femara.  I actually got ahold of a real person on the first try.  The wait to get blood work this morning was just as long as normal.  This is for my monthly pregnancy test "just in case".  I didn't even call back for the results.  And the line of the pharmacy was surprisingly short.  Even the old guy next to me said he didn't even have enough time for his usually nap while waiting.  

Tomorrow I'll start Provera for the next five day.  I'm prescribed for seven, but I don't get my period any sooner with seven or ten.  

Then around August 1st I'll start Femara 5mg, standard five days like Clomid.  I believe 5mg is the middle dose, I've also seen 2.5 and 7.5mg prescribed.  

My first ultrasound will be around the 10th.  

Lets just hope my ovaries do something.

I increased my Met a couple days ago to 1500mg.  I'm not feeling all that hot but not throwing up ether.  < Lack of vomiting, this is my positive thinking for those that believe I lack it.


My pap smear from April-ish came back normal, I will avoid dysplasia/cancer for another year.  The letter I got in the mail said for me to book another one in two years, yeah that's not going to happen.  After everything I've been through with my cervix I don't trust it that much.  I'll call up next spring for another one.  


Bean's work schedule has been hectic lately, even more so in the next week.  Last night he got home at midnight (goes into work at 6am), and I expect the same for tonight too.  I'm trying to find things to keep me busy.  I have a bunch of guy shirts Bean gave me that I love, but they are guy shirts.  They don't fit boobs and curves.  I have to take a couple of them in.  Along with my own shirts I have to take in. 

I saw some cute baby onesie/bib ideas on ThinkGeek and Pinterest I want to copy.  Maybe I'll do that next week.

PS Victoria's Secret is having a swimsuit sale.  The website is dangerous, I just spend $120 on 4 bottom and 2 tops.  But it is a good deal, if anyone needs a new one or five.


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  2. Thank you for all of this. I have PCOS, trying to deal with my infertility and the rest of the crap symptoms, not workign so well.... But reading your words here, knowing that I'm not alone in how I feel, not alone in my struggles, it helps... a little. Anyways thank you, and I look forward to reading more


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