Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Plan for the Future

The Plan

There are some thing in life that I'm adamant about having a plan for.  Like the time in Greece where Bean and I took a bus three hours to a tourist spot only to find they were closed for the day.  I ended up crying on the side of the road because we didn't have a hotel room and I didn't want to take the bus back.  That trip should of had a plan.  And there are some things in my life that I'm "whatever" about.  Like my college degrees, none which I use and I still have no idea what I'm doing with my life.  

So what's the plan if Femara doesn't work?  Femara is shown to have better success in PCOS, especially after Clomid has failed.  But it is not 100%.  I have a little knowledge about my insurance, cost of meds, IUI and pills vs. injectables.

In NH:
  • I was seen by an outside provider (base didn't have someone to deal with infertility)
  • Since I did so horrible on Clomid I was getting switched to injectables - Gonal-f, which would cost me about $500 since I would be on a low dose at first
  • Trigger shot - $50
  • IUI, with all the blood work and ultrasounds - $2-2.5k
  • Total Out-of-Pocket - $3,000
In WA:
  • I was sent out to a local Army Hospital, where they do have fertility doctors
  • I can do Clomid+injectables, or Femara+injectable (but not straight injectables) - The meds for this piggy back cycle would be free
  • Trigger - free
  • IUI - $200
  • Total Out-of-Pocket - $200
My insurance will not cover straight injectables.  But they will cover a cycle mixed with pill form fertility drugs.  This is stupid and I don't really get it.  Something about funding.  So even it I do get injectables I'll still be taking Clomid or Femara, even if it does nothing for me.  This is just to make them happy.  Or I could pay the full price of the injectable.  This is at least until I make it to my IVF date, then it will be all injectables.  

They also talked about possible doing ovary drilling.  


My Patriot Nails
I haven't had any bad side effects from Metformin 1000mg ether.  The worst of it is during the morning when I first wake up I am nauseous.  Usually if I eat like half a granola bar and fall back asleep I am fine.

Fourth of July

Happy 4th of July America!  Bean and I are going to eat some unhealthy non-organic, non-glute free fast food, drink Mike's Hard Lemonade and be one of those crazies that sets fireworks off.  Hopefully we will not hurt ourselves or set anything on fire in the process.  It will be some stupid fun, which I think we all need right now.


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