Tuesday, July 3, 2012


Military Groups

I've decided to retire my membership in the military wives groups.  I can't take it anymore and my tolerance is low for whining and stupid questions.  I didn't delete myself because someday I might want to know where to get my hair did.  Just hide them all.

PS I'm sorry you drank too much beer and now can't breastfeed your baby.  No one held a gun to your head and told you to drink.  Actions have consequences, maybe someday when you grow up you'll learn that.  


I have also decided to reapply for my job, since I don't have any IUI appointments for the next month.  There are no positions at the local location, but I'm still in running for two other stores in the area.  Only thing is they are an hour away.  So I'm hoping the local store picks me up, not the ones that are farther away.


I might go tour the local gym on Thursday.  I originally said I was going to just run because it is free.  But I miss lifting weight and I think I got more tone doing that than anything cardio.  


Bellagio 2007
A few people I know are in Las Vegas right now and it made me remember that city.  I've been several times before.  My wedding anniversary is at the beginning of August and we are always looking for something to do.  Plus I don't really want to be hanging out around here for my due date.  Last year we visited Niragra Falls, even though Vegas was an option at the time also.  This year Vegas is kind of near by so I looked up plane and hotel prices.  It came to more than I was thinking.  I'm still hesitant about booking anything because I don't know my husband's work schedule, nor do I trust it being the same by them.  It's also right around my IUI #1.5 time.  So we might do something more local or do Vegas but spur of the moment.    

I always wanted to bring my mum to Vegas.  She loves to gamble, I hate it.  I love to photograph lights, she could care less.  It's like a vacation with someone and you don't have to see them often.  BTW one of the cheapest time to go to Vegas is early December, which happens to be her birthday.  Vegas is also the farthest she can get on any airline that is non-stop from Albany airport.  (She doesn't want to change planes, too confusing.)  Anyways some day I'll get around to it.  It'd also be a nice gift because she'd never have the money to go.

What Can I Do Today That Will Change My Life For the Better

I decided to make a list and ask myself that everyday.  Nothing big, only stuff I can accomplish in a day.  Like to see the fireworks downtown or remembering to mail some things out to family.  This will make me a better person, maybe more sane.  

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