Monday, July 9, 2012

Nasty Side Effects of Met

At Bean's Award Ceremony

My Met has been making me pretty sick lately.  Mostly the nausea and the other night I spent several hours vomiting.  Last night was pretty bad too.  I'm trying to find food that set this off, and other foods to cure it when the nausea starts.  Other days I am fine.  I'm going to try to increase to 1500mg in the next couple days.  Once I get to 1500mg I don't need to increase anymore.  The side effects will go away over time.

No other TTC news.  I'll call up Thursday to get my Provera and Femara prescription.  Which will involve peeing in a cup and standing in a long pharmacy line.  So a waste of a Friday at a military hospital.  CD30 will be Saturday for me, which is the earliest I can take Provera.  Five days of that, then twelve days of waiting and I should be set for next cycle.  Looking at July 30th.

I want to take a trip to the local tattoo place sometime soon.  I'd like to have the tattoo done on or near my due date but since I'll be in cycle that will not work.  So I need to decide to have it done soon (within the next two weeks) or early September.

Other News

Bean had his awards ceremony last week that I went to.  We are brand new and I haven't really made many friends in our current command.  I'm old (27 is the new 50 for military spouses), this isn't our first sea tour, and my husband made E-7 last year.  With the US military E-7 and up can't really hang out with E-6 and below in the same command (except there are a couple exceptions).  Which doesn't effect me much, but inviting my husband to your BBQ isn't going to happen.  My husband is your husband's boss so I feel odd.  Combine the fact that I'm infertile and have no kids.  Well I don't expect to be making too many friends soon.  

My Tummy
I toured the gym not too far from my house the other day.  It came to be more expensive than I realized ($40 a month, $70 start-up, $15 for classes).  My old gym was only $20/month for unlimited everything!  Plus the new gym seemed kind of high class and didn't have much equipment.  I'm going to stick to running and then lift at the base gym since it is free there.  



  1. Too bad your base gym doesn't offer classes like ours did. I was at a dinky base and they had Zumba 4 times a week and other aerobic classes :(

    Metformin is nasty. I hate being on it but I do much better on the extended release. I had to ask for it. Is that what you're on? If not, ask for it. I lived on the toilet before getting switched to the ER version.

    1. I think it does offer Zumba from time to time. I haven't really checked into it though.

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  3. Blech! sorry you're in the lousy met side effects stage. just wanted to say I'm also have thin pcos and am not IR. it works great for me! I'm also on 1500, most of the side effects go away a few weeks after starting, and I'm 100% back to normal in 3months. in case you get a bfp before I check back, I think you should consider staying on met at least your 1st trimester. I didn't last time and regret it although that probably wasn't the problem.


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