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Ovacue Review

Ovacue Review

I planned on doing an Ovacue review after a couple cycles of using it.  Well these were not the cycles I expected, but still good enough to form an opinion.  I'm not really found of the device at all.

For those that don't know I bought it back in January after my miscarriage.  It sells as a bundle including the oral and vaginal reader for $330.  I bought it for a couple reasons.  Long term it is cheaper than buying OPKs, and temping doesn't work for me.  The website said it was good for PCOS and/or irregular cycles.  The site said that it can also tell the difference between ovulation and an anovulatory cycle.  The oral reader is quicker than a thermometer in the morning.  That and I just had a miscarriage.  It sounded like a good purchase for me.

The device reads your electrolyte levels and assigned them a number from 1 to 399.  When you get close to ovulation you'll have a high oral reading, followed by two lower ones.  Before ovulation the vaginal reading will become lower and lower.  When that number rapidly increases (like BBT) that is when ovulation takes place.

The actual digital device itself is alright, similar size an an iPhone (July 2012) but a little bit thicker.  It has a colour screen but a isn't touch screen.  The menus are kind of annoying to get through using the buttons.  Turning it on is done through a press of a button, turning it off you have to use the arrow keys and go through a few screens sometimes.

The oral sensor is easy to use, just put it on your tongue.  In three seconds it will give you a reading.  The vaginal sensor is a metal wand that looks creepy, but for those of us TTC for while we are used to strange things getting shoved up our vajayjay.  If you've ever used a dildo you'll be fine.   

Setting up the device for your cycle it asks for your average cycle length.  If you have PCOS you probably don't know this number.  After reading the instructional book and contacting the company they just told me to average the days of the last 3 or 6 cycles.  Mmm, kay.  So I averaged the cycles I actually ovulated on and got 30.6.  I set it up for 30 days. 

  • Cycle 1 - Ovacue confirmed I ovulated around CD20.  Blood work (super low progesterone) & lack of AF for 60 days said I never ovulated.  I was given Provera.
  • Cycle 2 - Ovacue confirmed I again ovulated.  Blood work & lack of AF for 75 day, I was given Provera.
  • Cycle 3 - Ovacue confirmed I ovulated CD12 or CD14.  Blood work & ultrasound CD12 said otherwise.  Ultrasound CD15 also showed no past ovulation.  I'm currently on CD35 & just finished Provera.

Notice a pattern?  Every single cycle it has "confirmed" ovulation.  

Now the vagina readings.  If you get an "over 400" reading it is invalid and you have to take it again.  I tried over and over again with the same error message.  I've re-cleaned the wand off, plug it back in again, even tried to position it differently in my vag.  I still get the error message.  I thought maybe mine was broken.  Finally I get a normal reading of 395 or 397.  Well that's pretty close to 400.  The company told me it is impossible to get over 400 and that it must be user error or a broken device.  

Would I recommend this to someone with PCOS?  No.  Maybe it works better with someone with regular cycles.  To me it has the same useful knowledge as one of those free phone apps that I can put my average cycle day in and it will tell me when I'll ovulate.  Not worth $300.

New Design

I re-did my layout because I got tired of the old one.  That and someone mentioned to me awhile ago that my husband doesn't even wear the uniform that his cartoon picture was still in.  True, Bean switched uniforms last September and I never updated it.

Registry Updated

While walking past the baby section at Target the other day I saw this adorable onesie set with dinos on it.  Not sure what even made me glance over there since I tend to avoid that area as much as possible, this includes looking in that direction.  Anyways it was a boys set and just so cute even though I like girl's clothing more.  I came home and added it to the registry so I didn't forget it.  Then sat around for an hour adding 100+ more (mostly not needed) items to it.  I've only visited it a few times since my miscarriage, usually with sad thoughts.  This is a step in the right direction.  

If you know my real first and last time you are welcome to go searching for it.  

Knee Pain

My right knee has been giving me problems ever since I started running.  After a three mile run the other day it has been hurting all yesterday.  Even on our nine mile hike a couple weeks ago it was in pain towards the end of it.  Not sure if my sneakers are worn out but I decided to give a couple knee braces a try.  I really don't want to have to make a doctors appointment but I might need to.

I met another blogger in real life this past week.  Liz moved to this area the same time I did, lives the next town over from me and has a 6 month old son via IVF.  You guys can all go say hi!


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