Monday, April 2, 2012

More Than One & CD2

My cramps are super bad today.  I took Midol and used a heat pack.  It makes it hard for me to stand around and pack all day.

April Fools

I mentioned yesterday how I am not hurt by fake pregnancy announcements on April Fools day.  I don't think they are funny or original, but I tolerate them.  However, I did see posts by other infertile women and in a few of the TTC groups I'm a member of annoyed with it.  This post was in my newsfeed, the only status update sticking up for infertility.  A few comments down I saw this:
"Well people like to fake a pregnancy but they're jinxing themselves.  I will not fake a pregnancy, I have four kids and pregnancy is rough.  So I am not messing with karma." 
Along with horrible spelling (and everything else I corrected for them), I feel like this person missed the point.

I think tomorrow I'll "fake a fake pregnancy" on Facebook so I can "genks" myself and "carma" will find me.  Then I'm sure I'll get knocked up, or someone will buy me a dictionary.

Anyone else post something on Facebook and get a reply that is so out there that it seems like the person only read three words of your?  I hate that.

More Than One?

I was at a friend's house a couple months ago and we were talking about the baby crib she has for her daughter.  A lot of the cribs now convert to a toddler bed and full bed as the child grows.  I asked if she was going to do that with her daughter's crib and how practical it was.  You know, sometimes you buy something with hopes of using it for years to come like the product says.  Then find out you can't find the parts when it is actually needed, it's too much of a pain to convert, or it's falling apart so it's not worth the hassles.  (Any moms who have knowledge on the convertible crib please comment, I'm still wondering.)
My friend said she wasn't going to convert the crib as her daughter grows because it was going to be used for the next baby.  Like more than one?

When you struggle with primary infertility having more than one child feels unheard of, unless you're talking about twins and triples from fertility drugs.

If I have a daughter I am buying all pink stuff.  Son then all blue things.  There is not gender neutral for the "next baby".  No saving items for the next baby.  Because in my mind there is no next baby.  A baby = a gift.  I only get one gift (or maybe twins thanks to injectables).

Bean, Loki and myself walked around downtown Portsmouth, NH the other morning.  I never put much thought into the old homes in this city (probably because I hate living here so much) until last week.  Then decided I wanted to take pictures of them since we are moving in less than a week.

I added photos of old homes built in the 1700's & 1800's... and then the dog too, because he's kind of cute.

My last day of work was Saturday.  It was sad, I haven't worked there long enough to hate it yet.  Though I fucked something up majorly right before leaving so now I feel like an ass.  I have to go in a couple days this week to say goodbye to a few people I missed.  The DITY move is almost all packed. And the moving company comes in the morning to pack the rest of our stuff.  It seems like it is going by so fast.

One half of me is even sad to go and leave everything behind.  Some of the people I've met have seen me more than my family has in the last several years.  They pretty much are family!  I want to say, "wait, I need more time here!"  The other half of me knows it's time to move on.  I haven't had good luck in the area at all.  It's time to move on, start over somewhere else and meet new friends (or family).  That half of me is already packed and out the door.  I'm torn between happiness and sadness.  Saying goodbye to the past and hello to the future.  

Cycle Day:  2
Ovulation Day:  4/16/2010 (Guess) (Pretty Sure)
DPO:  X (N/A - No Ovulation Yet)
Due Date:  1/6/2013
HPT:  (N/A - Too Early)   (Negative)

Ovulation Prediction
OPK:   Line (Wondfro):   _ (N/A - Didn't Test) (Negative - Very Faint) (Negative - Little             Darker) (Negative - Almost as Dark) (Negative/Positive - I Think They Are the Same Shade) (Positive - Both Same Shade) (Very Positive - Test is DARKER than Control)
            Line (First Response):   _ (N/A - Didn't Test)  (Negative - Very Faint) (Negative - Little             Darker) (Negative - Almost as Dark) (Negative/Positive - I Think They Are the Same Shade) (Positive - Both Same Shade) (Very Positive - Test is DARKER than Control)
            Digital:  _  (N/A - Didn't Test) (Negative - O Face) (Positive - :) Face)
Ovacue:  Oral:   6am   73  (N/A - Didn't Test) (About the Same) (Increased a Little) (Increased A Lot) (Decreased a Little) (Decreased A Lot) 
                Vaginal:   _  _ (N/A - Didn't Test) (About the Same) (Increased a Little) (Increased A Lot) (Decreased a Little) (Decreased A Lot)  
                Colour:  (White - Not Fertile)  (Light Blue - Possibly Fertile) (Medium Blue - High Fertility) (Dark Blue - Highest Fertility) (Pink - Ovulation Confirmed) (Purple - Ovulation Confirmed)
Saliva Ferning:  6am  (No Ferns - Not Fertile) (N/A - Didn't Test)   (A Few Ferns) (Half Ferns - Getting Close to Ovulation) (Lot of Ferns) (Wow Tons of Ferning - Ovulation)
Saliva Ferning:  10pm  (A Few Ferns) (N/A - Didn't Test)  (No Ferns - Not Fertile)  (Half Ferns - Getting Close to Ovulation) (Lot of Ferns) (Wow Tons of Ferning - Ovulation)
BBT:   6am   97.26°F  (N/A - Didn't Test) (Increased a Little) (Increased A Lot - Ovulation Confirmed) (Decreased a Little) (Decreased A Lot) 
Cervix:   10am  (Couldn't Find It - Soft or High) (N/A - Didn't Test) (Soft - Fertile) (Hard - Not Fertile) 
Cervix:   11pm  (Soft - Fertile) (N/A - Didn't Test)  (Hard - Not Fertile) (Couldn't Find It)
Cervical Fluids:  (Nothing)  (Sticky) (Creamy)  (Egg White - Fertile)
Bleeding:  (AF - Heavy) (Red) (Brown) (AF - Light)  (AF - Medium) (AF - Spotting) (Spotting) (Nothing)

Baby Dance
Sex:  (No) (Yes)
Pre-seed:  (N/A) (No) (Yes)
Softcups:  (N/A) (No) (Yes)
Position:  (N/A) (Doggy Style)  (End of the Bed)
Butt Lift:  (N/A) (Yes for 15min.) (Yes for 5min.)  (Yes for 10min.)  (Yes for 20min.)  (Yes for 30min.)  (Laid flat for 30 min.)  (Laid Flat Sleeping)  (Got Up & Moved Around)  (Up & Pee)
Intercourse Timing Analysis:  (None 0%)  (Very High 20%)

Vitex:  (Yes, 3 during day) (Yes, 3 at Once)  (Yes, 2 at Once)  (Yes, 1)  (Yes, 3 during day)  (Yes, 2 During Day)
Prenatals:  (Yes, Gummy)  (Yes, GNC)  (No, Multivitamins)  (Nothing)

Two Week Wait Symptoms
N/A Too Early - Bloated - Gas - Sharp Pain - Feels Like UTI - Period Cramps - Other Cramps - Ovulation Pain - Pressure - Pulling - Backache - Tender Breasts - Tender Nipples - Breasts Look Different - Hard Nipples - I Feel Pregnant - I Don't Feel Pregnant - Moody - Happy - Sad - Increased Sex Drive - Bleeding Nose - Headache - Stuffy Nose - Dizzy - Increased Smell - Metalic Taste in Mouth - Tired - Dreams - Spotting - Constipation - Diarrhea - Increased Urination - Increased Cervical Fluid - More Acne - Less Acne - Increased Appetite - Nausea - New Foods



  1. That comment reminds me of a blog I read occasionally on a big magazine's internet site where the author writes about her secondary infertility. Then there is a commenter who just had her third child and is already(!) pregnant with her fourth who always feels the need to comment with references to all of her children. Sometimes I think I read the blog just to shake my head at the inappropriateness of the comments.

  2. The lady from your screen shot who has horrible spelling probably does need a dictionary! She may not even know what the word infertile means.

    I did notice a Facebook post with a pregnancy test from a certain 19yr old on April 1st and I was thinking, "Really shes pregnant again?! But shes so young to have two kids!"


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