Monday, March 26, 2012

More Spotting

Loki & I
Brown spotting with no cramps on Saturday.

Brown spotting with minor cramps on Sunday.

Brown spotting with painful cramps today.  I've taken Midol twice and put a heating pad on.

Narwhal, soon, please?

DITY move stickers.
The move has started.  

Our pre-move inspection was last Friday.  We went to look at U-Hauls the other night.  Tomorrow I bring Car #2 (2011 VW Tiguan) for a check-up and to install a hitch.  Car #2 will have Bean, myself, dog and two ferrets in it.  It will also be attached to said U-Haul.  Thursday I bring Car #1 (2008 VW Beetle) for a check-up.  Car #1 will be driven by my mother-in-law and aunt-in-law, who are both flying in on the 7th.  Friday the movers come to pack, this is also Bean's last day of work.  Saturday is my last day of work.  Monday the movers come to pack again.  Tuesday the movers come to put everything on the truck.  I also need to find the dog a groomer or day care (yes they really have day care for dogs) to hang out at while the movers are here.  We'll start heading to WA on the following Sunday.

There are two types of moves when you are military.  A military move where the military pays for a company to come to your house, bring boxes, pack up everything, put it on a truck, transport it, deliver it, unpack it all, take the boxes away.  A DITY move where you move yourself, find all the boxes, carry things, move everything in your car.  The military pays you back for the DITY move for the boxes you buy, gas, moving trucks you rent, etc.  There are advantages and downfalls to both.  Or you can do both a military and DITY move, what we always do.  Pretty much everything is military move.  We DITY move live things (pets, plants), valuables (jewelry), things that can't be replaced (photo albums, computer hard drives), stuff they don't move (cleaning supplies, booze, open food), stuff we actually need to live with (clothes, somewhere to sleep, computers).  I put DITY stickers on stuff I don't want them to pack, or else later on I can't find it and it's in some box, somewhere three states away.


  1. That is a great idea with the stickers our last move I just put everything in the 2nd bathroom that I didn't want packed and told the movers plus put a note on the door. Later on that day I found half of the stuff in a box because one of the ladies decided to use that bathroom and left the door open and one thing lead to another.

    I was just looking around the place now thinking I don't have a 2nd bathroom what can I do this time?

    1. We usually just do the stickers. It's like 100% though and you have to watch and remind them. I've been sticking everything in the dog crate for DITY, dog doesn't use it anyways.

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