Friday, March 9, 2012

Not Pregnant

Beta @ 5 weeks, 6 days Pregnant - 5,944 mIU/ml
Beta @ 1 week post-D&C - 470 mIU/ml
Beta @ 3 weeks, 1 day post-D&C - 9 mIU/ml
Beta @ 4 weeks, 1 day post-D&C - 5 mIU/ml
Beta @ 6 weeks, 1 day post-D&C - 0 mIU/ml


I am officially "not pregnant".

This is probably one of the few times on this infertility blog that I will be happy to say I am not pregnant.  Well not pregnant hormonally.  I haven't been pregnant pregnant in over 6 weeks.  Six fucking weeks for my hCG to drop down again.
I bought myself a margarita tonight.  Though I probably would have got one ether way because I'm a proud drunk.

I'm still having slight cramping and occasional ovary pain.  Cramping I'm not sure what that is.  Menstrual like cramping like the start of my period.  Maybe it's like the last time I took Provera and cramped for two weeks before ever getting AF.  The ovary pain is just my right side.  Maybe a cyst, or maybe my ovary just hates me.  Probably too late after a D&C to ovulate, though it felt like ovulation pains.


  1. Congrats on finally being not pregnant! Since I've had the negative beta after a miscarriage and had a period I still get weird and sometimes painful cramps. One would think that after having a period the cramps would go away.

  2. A post-miscarriage ZERO: it's a great moment, isn't it ........ It only took me four weeks (which was quite long enough, thank you) so I'm impressed by your tenacity!
    Well, congratulations, and here's to the future!


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