Friday, February 17, 2012

Beta #5


If it's less than 5 mIU/ml, then you are not pregnant.  If it's greater than 25 mIU/ml, then you are pregnant.  Somewhere in between is the grey area.  HPT have a sensitivity around 20-50, depending on the brand.  My HPTs have been negative for a little bit now.  I'll just label myself as "not pregnant" since I am in the grey area.  Unfortunately that is not good for most REs and I have another beta next week.  I'm not sure if he is looking for <5 or 0, ether way 9 is not good enough.  The vampire at the RE office gets more of my blood.  

A low beta like this means my body can start functioning normally again as a non-pregnant person.  I'll ovulate and get my period again.  Well hopefully, as long as my PCOS doesn't have anything to do with it.
March 5th marks the one year anniversary of this infertility-pregnancy-back to infertility blog.  I'm sure they'll be a "party" or something.

I've begun to notice there is a different between a miscarriage between a fertile and a miscarriage between an infertile.  This blog has become my lastest bitch-fest for my loss.  Sometimes I even worry if I'm out of line with my thoughts or going insane.  Maybe I'm taking it harder than I should?  Maybe I'm not 100% understanding what has happened and trying to move on too quick?  Every once and awhile I'll stumble along another site for pregnancy loss or writen by an infertile women who has just miscarriage too.  I don't feel so bad, their feelings are the same as my own.

My next beta is 2/24 (11dpo if Ovacue is right).  Then I need to make an appointment early March with Dr. H for my pre-op for my hysteroscopy at the end of March.

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  1. My beta was finally down below 5 this I was finally deemed "not pregnant." I totally think a miscarriage after infertility is worse than a miscarriage to fertile people. I don't know since we are not fertile, but it's like being kicked while your down. I also wonder if I am trying to move on too quick or being way too dramatic about're not alone!


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