Friday, February 24, 2012

Beta #6

Fucking five.  I have to go back again for another beta.  Are you kidding me?

March 9th - Another date with the vampires for beta #7.  

March 15th - Pre-op for Hysteroscopy, not that I really need a pre-op considering the other surgeries I've been through.  There's nothing else to really explain that I don't already know.  

March 22nd - Hysteroscopy, whatever.

March 29th - Post-op.  

March 31st - Bean and I both leave our current job.  We are looking at getting the moves to come the first week in April, couple days of cleaning if needed, then we are heading across country to our new home.


  1. Girl... I had to go in for almost 6 freaking weeks. The last one was at 2 and I told the there was no way I was coming back... I'm sorry :|

    1. Yup the next beta will be 6 weeks. :( It is amazing how quick it drops at first, then how slow at the end.

  2. Oh I'm sorry. I hope it's back to zero soon!


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