Thursday, March 8, 2012

Ovary Pain

Bean is working a horrible work schedule right now.  For the last month he has been working 1PM to 1AM, some days later like 3, 6 or 8 AM.  This is seven days a week.  Every night I struggle to stay up 'til 1AM to at least see him.  From 1-3AM is really the only time I spend time with him.  I literally haven't left the house with him this whole time, no dinners out or anything.  I work mornings (8 or 9AM to the afternoon), mid shift (11 or 12PM to the afternoon or evening), or closing (3 or 4PM to 10PM).  Morning shift I really can't stay up late to see him.  I usually just go to bed before he even gets home.  He gets home, is up for a few hours before going to bed, then sleeps right until he has to go to work again.  There is no waking him up before work to do something, he sleeps like a rock.  The other day he informed me of a new schedule, 3PM to 4AM.  Fuck I can't make it to 4AM.  

I had a lot of pain in my right ovary last night.  It only lasted for a few hours.  Not sure what that was.  Kind of felt like ovulation pain, but they wouldn't come this late.  

Still waiting on my post-D&C period.  Today would be CD44, or 6 weeks.  

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