Thursday, January 12, 2012

Ultrasound in the Morning

OBGYN - I never called them back.

RE - I go in tomorrow morning (7 weeks, 6 days) for another u/s (probably instead of the one that was scheduled for next Tuesday).  My RE has offices all over New England, including about a half hour from here right next down the road from my work.  Very convenient!  Except some days, like tomorrow, no one is in that office and I'm sent to the main office instead.  In a different state, a little over an hour from here.  I hate the drive, it's right outside of Boston.  But I suck it up.  And on the way back I pass one of the few Sonic restaurants in all of New England, you know the rest of the story.  

Best Case Scenario - They find a baby (or two) that actually looks 7 or 8 weeks and has heartbeat.  

Worst Case Scenario - They find the same thing they saw two weeks ago, just the 5 week sac.

Still no cramping though.  I figure I'd be in extreme pain if my body was trying to export a baby due to my cervical stenosis.  Even simple period clots are made extremely painful with this.  I don't see anything anymore when I wipe (brown or red), and nothing on the pantyliner.  Just when I check my cervix (which is still high and hard today).


  1. i hope they find a baby or 2 :)

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  3. Crossing my fingers for best case scenario tomorrow.

  4. Is the middle case scenario they find 3 babies? I'm going for that one to be different. ;)

    I will be posted to your FB and blog as soon as I wake up though, so update soon!


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