Friday, January 13, 2012

Not What I Hoped

Baby is now visible.
Baby has a heartbeat.

The heartbeat is only 86.
Baby measures 5w6d when I am 7w6d.
Baby is too far behind.
Baby only did 6 days of growth in 10 days.

RE is not optimistic. She said there is something wrong with it and I'll 90% miscarry. I have another u/s next week. RE said this is probably the last time we'll see the heart beating. After my next u/s and the heartbeat had stopped and I haven't miscarried naturally then they will abort it. Ether pills or D&C (preferred option).


  1. *hugs*!!!!! :( You're so strong... I hope you'll get another chance soon. Maybe your body just didn't know what to do this time... maybe it will learn for next time. I know it's hard to do, but thank you for continuing to keep us posted, even when I'm sure it's difficult to type the words... <3

  2. I am so sorry these are the results! But the last person who just wrote is completely right. The only positive thing about all this is that after you mis carry you generally ovulate right away. Thats what happened to me and I ended up pregnant the following month and delivered a healthy child. Best of luck and stay strong.

  3. Oh friend I'm so sorry. There is still a tiny chance, right? Praying hard for you today and sending hugs.

  4. ((hugs))Sending lots of thoughts and good vibes your way. Hoping that the baby beats all the odds and proves the doc wrong.

  5. I'm so sorry to hear this, I am sending my hugs and prayers to you and your baby.

  6. :( Well this just sucks. I am heartbroken for you to receive this news, but still holding out hope. I appreciate you letting us know. I am so glad you got to hear that heart beat though.


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