Thursday, November 10, 2011

Big Sacks of Soreness

I never really understood ovulation before this year.  I always heard 28 days, ovulation 14 days.

So if my cycle is 100 days long:
A. Do I ovulate 14 days into the cycle (CD14)?
B. Do I ovulate 14 days before my period (CD86)?
C. Do I ovulate right in the middle (CD50)?

Well the answer is none of the above (usually).  Although B would be the most passable.  This is called being infertile because most likely there is no ovulation at all.  

My boobs are so fucking sore.  Like two bags of fat bouncing around my chest.  Like someone punched them.  Like their first trip to the gym in a very long time.  They are really sore.  I don't normally have sore boobs, least not this sore.  I had sore nips on Clomid.  I had sore boobs once last December.  Another female told me this is due to ovulation and lasts about two weeks.  What the fuck, I don't ovulate, and I just got AF 3 weeks ago after going 7 months without it.  Sure enough two weeks later I did get AF.  It was like she was telling the future or somethin' because this infertile female was about to make a trip to Victoria Secrets for some new bras.  But this I think is worse.  It's not just the nips, it's the whole sack of boob.  Whole thing!  Now before I get some fertile tell me I'm PG or something, I'm 99% sure this is not it.

Why Not?
A.  I had sex CD9 and lap surgery CD11 with HSG.  Whatever might have been in there (egg, sperm, embryo) it was removed or killed.
B.  I had O on CD15 and sex on CD18 (3dpo).  The egg is only alive 12-24 (48 at tops) hours after O.
C.  They took out most, if not all, of my lining during the surgery.  Meaning this embryo has nowhere to call home.

I'm assuming these sore boobs are the result of my higher than normal progesterone test from last week.  That would be the best explanation.

AF was due yesterday or sometime today.  That's what my progesterone tells me at least.  

CD29, 14dpo

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